Google Lens Enhances Search with Skin Condition Detection

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Google’s powerful project, which is widely renowned, allows people to scan any object and provides information about its origin and name. Typically, people used it for product searches, known as Google Lens. However, Google has now implemented artificial intelligence in it, making it even more powerful.

Starting today, Google Lens will also be able to search for your skin conditions, providing you with live Search intent for better search experiance. For instance, if you have any type of rashes, moles, or other skin issues, Google Lens will assist in identifying and analyzing them in real-time and it will provide same issues with other people so you can easily catch with them.

In addition, this feature will prove useful for addressing other physical ailments that may be challenging to describe verbally. Say, for instance, you’re uncertain about how to explain a bump on your lip, a line on your nails, or even experiencing hair loss. Fear not, as Google Lens will come to your rescue by visually assessing these conditions and providing valuable insights.

However, the Lens feature can be particularly beneficial for individuals who are uncertain about whether they should seek professional medical help or opt for over-the-counter treatments. It serves as a useful tool in making informed decisions about their healthcare needs.

Furthermore, as previously announced during the I/O conference, Lens is seamlessly integrating with Bard, Google’s AI-powered chatbot experience. Users now have the ability to include images within their Bard prompts, and behind the scenes, Lens works its magic to assist Bard in comprehending the visual context. For instance, if a user provides a photo of shoes and asks for their name, Bard, leveraging the insights from Lens’ analysis, will promptly provide an accurate response.

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