Will ChatGPT Overtake Apple and Google?

ChatGPT is advancing so rapidly that now even Google has to think because ChatGPT has started to become people's assistants.

In the era of advanced AI, where generative AI is rapidly advancing, ChatGPT may overtake Apple and Google, making them fall behind.

Companies like Alphabet Inc., Google, and Microsoft Corp are trying to develop generative AI as an emerging industry to create systems that produce material comparable to what a human could create.

Until now, it seems like these companies are primarily concentrating on search, which enables them to locate and share information. However, they must explore alternative solutions to sustain their core operations, which rely on other platforms like Apple Inc.

Back then, Microsoft’s operating systems were plain and text-based, with all the complicated stuff happening behind the scenes. Nowadays, both Windows and Apple’s iOS have standardized frameworks that allow for easier communication with their respective platforms, making it simpler for third-party developers to create applications. These operating systems also perform additional tasks, such as managing battery levels, switching between programs, and securely storing passwords.

Apple and Google have integrated so many features directly into their respective operating systems, iOS and Android, that it can be challenging to differentiate between the two and where an app starts. The line between the two has been blurred for decades, with Microsoft arguing in the 1990s that its Internet Explorer browser was not a separate product but rather a part of its Windows operating system in response to antitrust allegations.

Moreover, these platforms are not compatible with each other. In most cases, software designed for one operating system cannot be used on the other. Consequently, developers have to decide between choosing one or creating multiple versions of their products for each system. This drives up costs for developers while giving OS vendors a “walled garden” where they can collect licensing fees, set usage conditions, and control how their products are distributed.

After 25 years, advancements in AI technology like OpenAI’s GPT-4 have enabled the development of various underlying technologies, such as ChatGPT chatbot, image creation DALL-E, and voice-to-text transcription app Whisper. These applications are built upon AI models, specifically neural networks, which operate behind the scenes.

One can incorporate AI models into existing services or develop new ones on top of them. For instance, Duolingo utilizes AI technology to provide learners with role-playing scenarios. Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley employs AI models to gather investment information and then present it through a chatbot.

Moreover, if we take a look at the strongest search business of Google it looks like this:

google revenue

Google earns a lot of income from its search engine, but on the other hand, ChatGPT says that we are not targeting search.

But I don’t agree with it because many people are now using chatbots. It’s true that chatbots like ChatGPT provide old information, but to address this issue, ChatGPT has introduced version 4, which is a paid service and provides more accurate data.

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