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Coca-Cola x Realme: The Upcoming Collaboration for a Unique Branded Smartphone

We could soon have a Coca-Cola smartphone to add to the growing number of Android crossovers we didn’t know we needed. The world-renowned soft drink brand is teaming up with smartphone manufacturer Realme to release a unique and exciting device that combines the best of both worlds.

After speculating which Android brand could launch the first Coca-Cola-branded smartphone, Realme is behind this collaboration. The stablemate of OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, and countless other affordable brands have confirmed that it is behind the device with a teaser posted on the @realmeIndia Twitter account that suggests something is “fizzing” at Realme.

The linked “Cheers for Real” microsite includes copious hints of fizzy beverages, which no doubt confirms that the Cola-Cola smartphone will be released by Realme at some point very soon. No details were shared upon a potential release date, model it’ll replicate, or pricing. We’ll save judgment until the device is served up… hopefully ice cold too.
Several Twitter accounts have been sharing an apparent press render of a Coca-Cola smartphone, but the earliest appears to be from prolific leaker @UniverseIce.

While looking very much like a vinyl skin applied to an existing device, Coca-Cola is partnering for the first time on a smartphone project.Over the years, we’ve seen some genuinely high-profile partnerships between brands, including the impressive Cyberpunk 2077 OnePlus 8T, a Dragon Ball Z, Realme GT NEO 3, Pokemon-themed Galaxy Z Flips, plus tons more that offer something truly unique. Coca-Cola is an institution, so to see the branding on a smartphone would be similarly attractive.

It’s unclear which Android smartphone maker is responsible for this Coca-Cola collaboration. However, eagled-eyed replies to the original hint that this could be a rebranded Realme 10 Pro, a decidedly mid-range phone. This includes a 6.7-inch 120Hz IPS LCD, Snapdragon 695 processor, 6/8/12GB RAM, 108MP primary camera, plus a 5,000mAh battery.

We know that the Realme 10 series launched with Android 13 pre-installed, and if they are behind the Coca-Cola smartphone, then we hope it will come with system tweaks to solidify this brand partnership. That said, if it is the Realme 10 Pro, this is a budget phone in almost every regard. Just how much it’ll cost is unknown, but it might quench the thirst of potential buyers looking for a cheap Android smartphone — hopefully very soon.

6.7-inch 120Hz IPS LCD displayCoca-Cola branding
Snapdragon 695 processorAndroid 13 pre-installed
6/8/12GB RAM108MP main camera
5,000mAh batteryRealme collaboration


The specs of the Coca-Cola smartphone are pretty impressive, and it will be interesting to see how Realme will integrate the Coca-Cola branding into the device. While no official release date or pricing has yet been announced, we know that the device will likely be a rebranded Realme 10 Pro.

Display:6.7-inch 120Hz IPS LCD
Processor:Snapdragon 695
Camera:108MP main camera
Operating System:Android 13


In addition to the impressive specs, the Coca-Cola smartphone will likely feature unique Coca-Cola-themed elements and integrations. Some potential features include a Coca-Cola-inspired color scheme, a custom Coca-Cola-themed lock screen, or even exclusive Coca-Cola-branded apps or games.

It’s not the first time a major brand has partnered with a smartphone manufacturer to release a branded device. In recent years, we have seen collaborations such as the Cyberpunk 2077 OnePlus 8T, a Dragon Ball Z Realme GT NEO 3, and Pokemon-themed Galaxy Z Flips. These partnerships have resulted in some truly unique and interesting devices, and it will be exciting to see how Realme and Coca-Cola’s partnership will turn out.

Overall, the Coca-Cola smartphone is shaping to be a budget-friendly device with some unique elements that will appeal to fans of the brand. It will be interesting to see the final product and how much it will cost when it is finally released. One thing is for sure, this collaboration will quench the thirst of potential buyers looking for a new Android smartphone, and it will be worth the wait.

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