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Say Hello to Smart Sushi: Artificial Intelligence In Sushi Restaurants!

Artificial intelligence in sushi restaurants is a topic that is attracting more and more attention as technology continues to evolve. In Japan, the sushi-on-the-belt chain Kura Sushi has taken the lead in using AI cameras to address the issue of “sushi terrorism.” This term refers to unsanitary acts in sushi restaurants that can potentially spread foodborne illness. The new AI cameras will detect any suspicious behavior and alert employees to take action.

AI in sushi restaurants is not limited to improving hygiene and safety. The Kura Sushi chain has also developed an automated service system that uses AI to count the number and type of dishes customers consume. This system helps to reduce the need for physical contact between customers and employees, creating a more seamless experience. Other sushi chains follow suit, implementing automated systems for ordering, payment, and food delivery using QR codes and touchless robotic arms.

Smart cameras are not just being used in sushi restaurants but also in supermarkets to detect suspicious behavior such as theft or fraudulent purchases. This helps to improve security and prevent criminal activities.

In addition to improving hygiene and safety, AI is also being used to enhance the customer experience in sushi restaurants. Automated payment and ordering systems are reducing wait times and physical contact between customers and staff. The use of touch screens to view their bill and automated seating selection helps to minimize customer anxiety and promote a more enjoyable dining experience.

In conclusion, AI is proving to be a valuable tool in sushi. From improving hygiene and safety to enhancing the customer experience, AI is helping to ensure that sushi remains a popular and enjoyable cuisine. With technology constantly advancing, it will be interesting to see how else AI can be utilized in the food industry in the future. Artificial intelligence in sushi restaurants is a trend that is here to stay and will change how we experience sushi in the years to come.

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