iMessage and FaceTime face temporary outage, fixed within minutes by Apple

Users struggle to send and receive messages on iMessage and FaceTime, while WhatsApp faced global outage

On Tuesday, Apple Inc’s iMessage service and video calling app FaceTime faced issues affecting users globally. According to the company’s status page, users had reported difficulties sending and receiving messages on the app. Downdetector, an outage-tracking website, said over 7,000 users encountered problems with the app.

Users took to Twitter to post memes and messages about the outage. The hashtag #imessagedown was trending on Twitter with over 30,000 tweets.

WhatsApp global outage

The same day, Meta Platforms Inc’s WhatsApp experienced a global outage, which was later resolved. This second technical issue only added to the frustration of users.

Apple did not immediately respond to a Reuters’ request for comment. It remains to be seen how long iMessage will stay down. However, considering how far-reaching this problem is, it’s safe to assume that those at Apple are currently looking for a fix to the issue very quickly.

Apple says issues are resolved.

Later on Tuesday, Apple said the issues with iMessage and FaceTime had been resolved. According to the company’s status page, users experienced difficulties between 11:48 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. Eastern time. A spokesperson from Apple declined to comment on the technical issue.

Engaging users on social media

Twitter users expressed their disappointment and frustration with the outages. One user said, “I guess the iMessage servers are out to ruin my day today.” Another user said, “The world has stopped, and my iMessage has stopped working.”

The technical issue may have disrupted users’ daily communication. However, Apple’s quick resolution of the problem likely relieved many users.

A user on Twitter, “At least Apple is quick to resolve these issues. I don’t know what I would do without iMessage and FaceTime.”

With many users relying on Apple’s iMessage service and FaceTime, the technical issue reminds them how much people depend on their phones for daily communication.


fatima khan
fatima khan
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