Adobe’s New AI Image Generator Won’t Steal Artists’ Work

    Adobe is now going to release its own AI image generator, and the company is announcing that it will be called the “Adobe Firefly“, a family of creative, generative AI models.

    It will depend on two tools: the first will perform tasks similar to Simple DALLĀ·E or Midjourney, where users will only provide a prompt and generate images independently. The second one will focus on stylized text, somewhat resembling AI-powered WordArt.

    Adobe is introducing a significant twist here, an impressive feat and a topic many companies are discussing.

    It involves how Adobe trains its models. When asked about this, Alexandru Costin, the Vice President of Generative AI and Sensei at Adobe, provided an answer.

    The approach used for training these models ensures that they work with copyright-free material, proper licenses, or content sourced from Adobe’s stock library.

    This ensures that the company has full rights to use the content. He further emphasized, “We can generate high-quality content and avoid using random brands’ and others’ intellectual property, as our model has never been exposed to such brand content or trademarks.” This approach respects artists’ work and enhances the brand safety of Adobe’s system.

    Costin’s statement implies that they are considering implementing a compensation strategy for artists who contribute to training their models.

    Adobe AI image generator Adobe Firefly

    This suggests that artists who assist in training their models may eventually receive some form of payment.

    However, initiating this compensation strategy right at the beginning is not feasible, especially before the system exits the beta phase. Costin mentioned, “We’re exploring multiple options,” indicating that they are looking into various ways to compensate artists fairly, but the exact approach is still being determined (Source).

    If we talk about the price of the AI image generator (Adobe Firefly), Which is in its beta phase and is offered for free. However, the exact pricing details for the official launch haven’t been revealed by Adobe yet. There’s a chance that Firefly might become part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription package, or it could also be offered as a separate product.

    Here are the pricing plans for Adobe Creative Cloud:

    Subscription TypePrice
    Individual$239.88 per year
    Student and Teacher$19.99 per month
    Team$399.99 per year
    EnterpriseContact Adobe for pricing

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