ChatGPT Joins Worldcoin’s Crypto Revolution with Eyeball-Scanning Technology

    Worldcoin, the brainchild of Sam Altman CEO of OpenAI, has taken the crypto world by storm with its innovative eyeball-scanning technology. This bold startup has secured a whopping $250 million in funding, with big-time investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, and Reid Hoffman firmly behind their vision.

    Worldcoin’s mission is to develop a reliable solution to differentiate humans from AI online, foster global democratic processes, and create economic opportunities. With the caliber of their team and their groundbreaking technology, Worldcoin is poised to make a real impact.

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    The World App is a user-friendly digital wallet compatible with Worldcoin’s protocol. The Orb is a unique helmet-shaped device that scans your eyeballs to verify your identity. By visiting an Orb, you can obtain your very own World ID, which will be your passport to the world of Worldcoin.

    Worldcoin wants to incentivize global cryptocurrency adoption by putting a crypto wallet and digital currency into every human’s smartphone. To achieve this, they need to crack the code of verifying a person’s unique human identity, allowing them to strengthen reward initiatives, battle bots, and create a more democratic governance system.

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    Approximately 20% of Worldcoin’s tokens are set aside for future use, not available in the U.S. for now. The total supply of their “WLD” tokens is capped at $10 billion for the first 15 years, demonstrating responsible growth.

    The maximum circulating supply of Worldcoin’s ERC-20-based token stands at $143 million at the time of launch. This careful approach ensures their cryptocurrency ecosystem remains stable, providing confidence to users and investors alike.

    As Worldcoin’s services take the world by storm, it’s clear that this innovative startup is changing the game. With their unique approach to secure human identity and commitment to responsible growth, Worldcoin is paving the way for a more democratic, inclusive, and exciting financial future. Watch this space – the future is bright for Worldcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies!

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