Valve Announces Upcoming Steam Sales and Changes to Sale Schedule

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If you’re a gamer waiting patiently for the next Steam sale to start, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Valve has announced the dates for their upcoming sales! Whether you want to get your hands on the latest AAA title or snag some indie gems, you can now prepare beforehand.

Valve’s Store Confirms Upcoming Steam Sales

In a message on their Steamworks Development platform, Valve has revealed that they are significantly changing their Steam sale schedule. The main change is their decision to remove the Lunar Year Sale. Valve started holding this holiday sale in 2016, recognizing the growing number of developers from East Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. Their last such Sale was held between February 12 to 16, 2021.

Valve explained that they received feedback that the Lunar Sale is too close to the Winter sale, which they hold between December and January. Game companies providing discounts and promotions would want to spread out when they have those game sales to avoid devaluing their games too much.

Upcoming Steam Sales Dates

The autumn sale will start on Steam on November 22, running for a week until November 29. As for the winter sale, which is perhaps the most popular one, it will run from December 22 to January 5. Finally, the all-new spring sale will start on March 16 and run until March 23, 2023.

Valve says the spring sale replaces the Lunar New Year sale because “over the years, we’ve received feedback that Lunar New Year was often much too close to the December holiday sale period.” Valve believes some publishers will still opt to discount games around the Lunar New Year, but “we suspect customers will be better served by a little bit more time between the big Steam-wide seasonal sales.”

Steam Deck and Other Features

In addition to the upcoming sales, gamers eagerly anticipate the release of the Steam Deck, Valve’s portable gaming device. The Steam Deck, announced earlier this year, is scheduled for release in December 2021. It promises to provide an excellent gaming experience, with various features such as touchpads, thumbsticks, and buttons.

While the Steam Deck has been generating much buzz, some gamers are concerned about the device’s large size, which could make it less portable than expected. Despite this, Valve has reported that pre-orders for the device have been selling out quickly.

If you’re curious about other gamers’ thoughts on the upcoming Steam sales and the Steam Deck, you can check out reviews from other websites. PC Gamer reports, “Valve is bringing back its beloved holiday sale, which means it’s time to start making your wishlist and stocking up on gift cards.” According to Tom’s Guide, “The Steam Deck is an exciting new device that offers an excellent gaming experience on the go. With its sleek design and advanced features, it’s sure to be a hit with gamers of all ages.”

Final Thoughts

Overall, the upcoming Steam sales and the release of the Steam Deck have gamers excited for what’s to come. Whether you’re a fan of action games, RPGs, or indie titles, there’s something for everyone on Steam. So mark your calendars and get ready to start playing!

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