Tecno Marks a Historic Moment with First-Ever Liquid Zoom Camera

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Liquid Zoom Camera: Tecno has truly changed the fate of the camera because Tecno has introduced a liquid zoom camera in its Phantom X phones. Tecno’s distinctive W-shaped adjustable aperture, inspired by the eye of a cuttlefish, aims to reduce glare in challenging lighting environments, such as strong backlight.

The idea is interesting, and many people are excited to see the exact sensor and lens Tecno will use with this W-shaped shutter in their upcoming devices.

Watch the shutter in action below.

YouTube video

Tecno also showed something new in the tech world: a special kind of lens called a liquid telephoto macro lens.

We’ve seen liquid lens tech before, but putting it into a periscope module like this is a brand-new idea. Periscope lenses usually find it hard to focus up close because they’re big, and they’re usually put into a regular two-part housing.

Tecno’s cool design uses electricity to change the shape of the lens. This helps the lens switch easily from showing a wide view to focusing on something very close, like as close as 5cm for super close-up shots. This special liquid lens tech also lets Tecno use bigger sensors, which is a big plus.

Most phones use their wide cameras for close-up shots, but this can make the pictures look a bit warped. Tecno’s idea is different. They use a longer lens with a periscope zoom, making the close-up pictures look more natural and possibly way better without any distortion.

YouTube video

Tecno talked more about their Universal Tone technology at the event. This tech uses three smart engines to make skin tones in photos look better. One of these engines, the Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine, uses a color matrix made by studying skin colors a lot. It helps adjust and make skin tones look just right in pictures.

The Local-Tuning Engine is important. It figures out who’s in a picture and adjusts the colors to make the images look more lively and impressive. Then, there’s the Computational Portrait Engine that gives the final touch, making the portraits look nice and stylish.

Tecno hasn’t told us exactly which new products will have the liquid lens and W-shaped aperture, but it seems like the Phantom X camera phone series might be the first. People are optimistic that we’ll get to see these cool features up close at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) next year, giving us a firsthand look at these exciting innovations.

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