SadaPay Launches Apple Pay and Google Pay Support for Freelancers

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SadaPay, the fintech company that introduced a specialized business account called SadaBiz for freelancers earlier this year, has exciting news. They’ve just revealed that SadaBiz users can now accept payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The big news was shared during SadaPay’s inaugural SadaSummit, which took place last Friday at COLABS. The event brought together IT industry experts, leading figures in the freelancing community, and the first users of SadaBiz.

Alongside the Apple Pay update, the event schedule included panel discussions and engaging conversations that brimmed with hope for Pakistan’s potential as a thriving global hub for freelancers.

Apple Pay has now surged ahead with 550 million users, outpacing PayPal’s 450 million. Not only that, but the transaction volume via Apple Pay is four times larger than PayPal’s, and it’s growing exponentially. This is partly because more than 2 billion iPhones worldwide come equipped with Apple Pay. Recognizing the immense potential, SadaPay saw the importance of having a popular and trusted payment platform for Pakistani freelancers, making it easy for their clients to make payments.

SadaPay also unveiled that SadaBiz will now accept payments through Google Pay, which is also gaining ground in terms of global user adoption.

SadaPay has stepped up to fill the void left by international payment companies that have long overlooked the Pakistani market. In total, SadaPay has connected Pakistani freelancers with over 700 million devices worldwide, all with access to Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Another significant announcement from the event was the introduction of their new initiative – SadaSchool. According to their CEO, Brandon Timinsky, this is a platform designed for talented Pakistani youth. It offers free Masterclasses that guide individuals from beginners to experts in freelancing, along with a Discord community for peer support and mentorship.

SadaPay has gathered a network of experts and thought leaders in various fields who regularly host workshops to share their insights on graphic design, copywriting, programming, and other high-income skills. With SadaSchool, SadaPay aims to empower Pakistan’s digital generation to make a substantial impact on the global gig economy.

How big is this news for Pakistan?

Pakistan has had a tough time when it comes to freelancers and businesses getting paid by clients abroad, mainly because PayPal wasn’t available. But things are changing with the introduction of Apple Pay.

Now, a freelancer in Lahore working for a client in New York doesn’t have to deal with third-party platforms and pay hefty commissions and fees. SadaBiz makes it simple – you can create a direct payment link and share it with your client through WhatsApp or email. The client needs to click the link, choose Apple Pay, and confirm the payment in seconds.

Brandon Timinsky, SadaPay’s CEO, is clear about their vision: they see the future of work for young Pakistanis in freelancing. Integrating Apple Pay is a significant step toward this vision. It not only opens up job opportunities for talented young individuals but also helps bring valuable foreign exchange into Pakistan.

In Pakistan, when people used to work for international clients, they primarily relied on platforms like Fiverr for payments, as it was the only convenient option. However, SadaPay has now made it much easier. Now, any freelancer can easily manage their transactions using Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Thanks to SadaPay for making things so convenient for us.

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