PS5 Slim Design Leak Unveiled in Captivating Video Footage

    There are many rumors about the PlayStation 5 that Sony is now introducing a new edition, which will have a detachable disk and may be known as the PS5 Slim.

    Many videos and images about the PS5 Slim leak have surfaced, clearly showing that it is smaller and includes a disk drive.

    Today, the design of the PS5 Slim was leaked on a Chinese forum through a video, which effectively showcases the design. ‘Better Way’ Electronics, a well-known Australian PlayStation repair company, leaked the video.

    This ps5 leak video suggests that the plastic casing of the PS5 Slim variant, where a specific area is visible, indicates its purpose for the disk drive. Additionally, a space for ventilation has been incorporated.

    Two apertures are on either side of the casing, and dual USB-C ports are on the front. This contrasts with the current PS5 models, which feature a singular USB-C and USB-A port.

    The estimated release date for the PS5 Slim variant is expected to be September 2023.

    Consumers can choose between the $399 PS5 Digital Edition or the $499 PS5 with a disc drive.

    So it means the price of the ps5 slim is $499.

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