MIT student achieves internet browsing via mind experiment

MIT student achieves internet browsing via mind experiment
Aizaz khan By Aizaz khan
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When we mention MIT, technology comes to mind because MIT is renowned for its technological projects. Today, we will share a successful project that will leave you amazed and will blow your mind.

Arnav Kapur, a brilliant MIT student, has unveiled a groundbreaking technology called “AlterEgo” with the potential to revolutionize the world. With just his mind, he can browse the internet and even order pizza. This remarkable innovation promises a future filled with endless possibilities!

We once published an article where students explored the realm of mind-reading technology to decipher and recreate images from their thoughts. The breakthrough findings opened up exciting possibilities for the future of neuroscience and human-computer interactions.

A successful experiment similar to that, and we are attaching a video below for you to watch.

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