An Indian Girl made a flying boat despite failing in physics

    An Indian girl became the CEO of a company by creating a flying boat that amazed the world. The most exciting part is that she had failed a physics exam during her school days.

    Her name is “Sampriti,” and she became the founder and CEO of Navier Boat.

    She currently lives in San Francisco but was born in Kolkata, India. Despite not performing well in school, she had a strong business acumen and achieved her dream in a concise amount of time.

    This is indeed a very motivating story, especially for girls. Sampriti’s journey is inspiring because she didn’t have any special facilities or technology available then, as she mentioned that she was impressed by Steve Jobs, whose quote profoundly impacted her.

    Everything was made up by people that were no smarter than you

    steve jobs

    Sampriti states that this quote impressed her: Everything in the world has been created by people like us, so why not me? With this motivation, she created the flying boat.

    Sampriti mentioned that at 20, she opened the internet and began struggling. During this time, she sent emails to various companies, almost 540 emails in total, out of which she received about 4 responses.

    Among those responses, she secured an internship with a company in Chicago called Fermilab. At Fermilab, she developed a love for science, and her journey began from there.

    And then, as she continued on her path, she secured an internship with NASA. She kept moving forward and eventually pursued a master’s degree at MIT. This was made possible through 13 years of hard work and determination.

    She then moved to San Francisco and raised 12 billion dollars, with which she assembled an intelligent team. Through their collective efforts, they brought the concept of a flying boat into reality.

    The most significant thing is that this flying boat is environmentally friendly, operating entirely on electric power.

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