Gigabyte’s Instant 6GHz Boost for Core i9-13900K Processor: A Game-Changer in Motherboard Technology

Gigabyte Technology has recently announced a game-changing firmware update for LGA1700 motherboards with the Intel Z790 chipset. This update includes the highly anticipated Instant 6 GHz function, which will automatically increase the maximum frequency of the boost mode on the Core i9-13900K processor to an impressive 6 GHz.

According to Gigabyte, this feature will allow two large cores to run at 6.0 GHz, which translates to a 200 MHz increase in the maximum battery capacity. All owners must pick the appropriate option in the motherboard setting, and voila!

In support of their claims, Gigabyte has even released a screenshot of the HWINFO program, which shows multiple large P-Cores of the flagship Raptor Lake series processor running at 5998.6MHz.

According to Gigabyte, using the Instant 6GHz feature allows for a 3% increase in the single-threaded performance of the Core i9-13900K. The manufacturer recommends updating the BIOS of Gigabyte Z790 motherboards using the proprietary Q-Flash or Q-Flash Plus features.

“Gigabyte is excited to introduce the Instant 6 GHz function to our loyal customers,” said Jackson Hsu, Director of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division. “Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the best possible experience, and we believe this new technology will significantly enhance their overall computing experience.”

But wait, there’s more! This new technology continues beyond there. It also automatically adjusts the voltage and load line calibration to ensure maximum efficiency. However, as the Core i9-13900K processor is notorious for its appetite, Gigabyte recommends a powerful cooler to keep things running smoothly. Sadly, the Instant 6 GHz function is not yet available for the Core i5-13600K and Core i7-13700K processors. But we can only hope that Gigabyte will rectify this shortly.

“The Intel Core i9-13900K processor already provides users with an easier way to enjoy O.C. performance, and with the Instant 6GHz technology from Gigabyte, overclocking is now even simpler,” said Hsu. “By simply updating the latest BIOS on Gigabyte’s Z790 motherboards and activating the Instant 6GHz option in the BIOS, users can enjoy an O.C. edition-like experience on the i9-13900K processor, with a 3% performance boost on a single core.”

This firmware update is a significant step forward for Gigabyte and has put them ahead of the curve in the world of motherboards. With the Instant 6GHz function, the possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what other innovative technologies are. Gigabyte has in store for us.

“Gigabyte’s latest Instant 6GHz technology is a game-changer for overclocking enthusiasts,” said Andrei Frumusanu of AnandTech, a leading technology website. “This feature clearly indicates the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology to its customers.”

For more information about this new firmware update and Gigabyte’s motherboards, head to the Gigabyte AORUS website.


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