Nvidia announces the most powerful single slot GPU RTX 4000

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NVIDIA announces the powerful single slot GPU that nothing like it has been seen on this planet before, named the RTX 4000. Furthermore, NVIDIA states that its internal architecture is the same as in the 40 series graphics cards.

This is the first time that NVIDIA has trimmed down a desktop-sized GPU. NVIDIA has heavily emphasized with this card that they have focused on reducing power consumption, and this card consumes very little power.

What’s cool about the RTX 4000 is its slim design that fits into just a single slot GPU. It’s covered in a sleek black and gold look, dressed for a professional occasion. The power connector has 12 pins and is cleverly placed on the other side, away from the ports. It looks amazing and reminds us of older models that were slim.

If we compare this single slot graphics card to the RTX 4070, which uses 200W of power, this card uses only 130W. That’s the same power level as the graphics card in the RTX 30 series laptops.

If we look at its performance, it’s rated at 26.7 TFLOPs, which is a bit lower than the RTX 4070’s 29.15 TFLOPs. Interestingly, the new card has more processing cores and memory, yet its performance is slightly less.

They had to give up some things to make this small-sized card. But Nvidia’s idea is that you can put several of these cards into one computer to make up for the performance of a single bigger card. For example, if you put four of these cards that cost $1,250 each, it adds up to $5,000.

This Single slot GPU RTX 4000 is $1250, which is expensive. If you don’t want to invest in a big task, buy a graphics card under $200 or consider looking into low-profile graphics cards. The choice depends on your use case, but the current demand trend favours mini PC graphics cards.

Here are the specifications of the RTX 4000 single slot GPU:

CUDA Cores6,144
Memory20GB GDDR6
Power Consumption (TDP)130W
Claimed TitleMost powerful single slot GPU on the planet
GPU ArchitectureAda Lovelace AD104
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