The Impact of Future of AI in Digital Marketing on Jobs and the Industry

Since the launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November of 2022, many in the digital marketing world have been wondering about the Future of AI in Digital Marketing and how artificial intelligence might change the industry forever. Will high-requested jobs in the digital field, such as developers or copywriters, be replaced? Will artificial intelligence be so advanced that support teams won’t be needed to answer customer questions via live chat or email? These are just some questions surrounding the Future of AI in Digital Marketing.

After testing various AI applications over the last three months, it’s clear that artificial intelligence will reduce and simplify the amount of work required in marketing, and some people may lose their job positions. However, highly skilled professionals will still be in demand, as they bring unique skills and perspectives that AI cannot replicate.

Advancements in the Future of AI in Digital Marketing

The most effective AI-powered chat tools can now write content, do translations, create images or logos, edit videos, and write code. These functions are already good, and many marketers are using them. But what’s next for the Future of AI in Digital Marketing? Where will AI go next, and how can we apply it to our marketing efforts?

Some of the benefits of Ai in digital marketing is as follows:

benefits of Ai in digital marketing
benefits of Ai in digital marketing

There are four primary uses of AI that are expected to become available for us in the next three to five years:

  1. Automated Customer Support and Sales Teams:

    An AI machine plugged into your website or CRM for a few months and gaining millions of data points from customer questions and support team answers could almost wholly replace a support member, making customer care service active 24/7. It would still need some supervision, but it could answer all basic customer questions.

  2. Content Creation:

    AI machines could soon have access to our social media accounts, allowing for close to endless possibilities for content creation, such as automatically transcribing YouTube videos and publishing them as blog articles or converting voice into a podcast and automatically uploading it to all major platforms.

  3. Website Creation:

    Telling the machine what type of offer we have, target audience, preferred colors, and tone of voice for copy could result in sales pages being created in just a few minutes. This could soon be possible for web designers and copywriters.

  4. Ad Optimization:

    Ad optimization is already happening, with all major social media platforms serving content to users based on their interests. However, this could soon be taken to the next level with AI, with little need to enter interests and keywords, as the platform would serve the right content to the right user.

In conclusion, while AI can assist in tasks such as data analysis and automation, it still requires human input and strategic guidance to be truly effective. As AI becomes more integrated into the workforce, some jobs may become obsolete, and workers may need to retrain for new roles. Nevertheless, the Future of AI in Digital Marketing holds great promise, especially for those who learn to use it correctly.

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