CD Projekt Red Announces Ground-Up Remake of The Witcher, First Game of the Series

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CD Projekt Red Announces Ground-Up Remake of The Witcher: Polish game developer CD Projekt Red has announced that they are remaking the first installment of their highly acclaimed action RPG series, The Witcher. The game is being built “from the ground up” and will be developed in partnership with Fool’s Theory, a Warsaw-based studio known for their work on the horror game, Seven: The Days Long Gone.

Going Back to Where It All Started

The Witcher is where it all started for us, for CD Projekt Red. It was the first game we made, ever, and it was a big moment for us then. Going back to this place and remaking the game for the next generation of gamers to experience it feels just as big, if not bigger,” says studio head Adam Badowski.

The first game in The Witcher series was released in 2007 and quickly became a hit among gamers and critics alike. It was a critical factor in CD Projekt Red’s rise to global recognition and helped to establish the studio’s reputation for creating complex and immersive role-playing experiences.

The Witcher Saga Has Sold More Than 65 Million Copies

In April, CD Projekt Red announced that the Witcher series, consisting of three games, had sold more than 65 million copies worldwide. The first game of the Witcher saga, released in 2007, helped the company gain worldwide recognition.

No Release Date or System Information is Available

It’s unclear when the remake will be released, but CD Projekt Red said it’s planning to release its upcoming Witcher games — including a sequel codenamed “Project Polaris” — in the next six years. We also need to find out what systems it’ll come to. The 2007 original wasn’t released on consoles, so the developer will probably rectify that with the remake.

“The Witcher is a beloved series with a rich history and an engaged community of players,” said Badowski. “It’s important to us that the remake lives up to the expectations of the players and adds meaningful value to the franchise. We’re committed to doing just that.”

CD Projekt Red Has Several Other Projects in Development

CD Projekt Red has several other projects in development, including two other games set in The Witcher universe, a new Cyberpunk game, and an entirely original IP. No further details were provided about The Witcher remake, but CD Projekt Red says it will take a while.

In conclusion, announcing the ground-up remake of the original Witcher game is exciting news for fans of the series. The partnership with Fool’s Theory only adds to the anticipation. With CD Projekt Red’s reputation for quality and immersive gaming experiences, gamers can expect a remake that genuinely lives up to the high standards set by the original.

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