AnkerMake M5 3DPrinter Review: New Standards in Printing Quality and Speed

    Tech company Anker, renowned for its power banks and phone chargers, has expanded its horizons by venturing into 3D printing with its debut model, the AnkerMake M5. Initial skepticism surrounded Anker’s entry into this new market, given its lack of experience and the Kickstarter launch, which can sometimes raise doubts. The product’s ambitious claims, such as 5x faster print speeds and an AI camera for TikTok time-lapse videos, added to the intrigue. However, after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, raising an impressive $8.8 million, it was time for Anker to prove itself. And it did, delivering on most of its promises.

    Setting up the AnkerMake M5 is a breeze. A simple process involving a few screws and connecting tubes is all it takes to prepare the machine for its first print. Despite its compact size, the printer boasts a solid build. With a low center of gravity, it can print at high speeds while minimizing vibrations. From an aesthetic standpoint, the AnkerMake M5 stands out among its competitors. While many 3D printers possess a DIY look, this model exudes a professionally designed aesthetic.

    During the initial setup, the AnkerMake M5 welcomes users with an engaging animation that guides them through the Wi-Fi configuration and downloading of the companion phone app. Still, in beta, the app handles most of the setup process, including Wi-Fi password entry. Once connected, users can immediately print the pre-loaded Benchy test file. While certain app features are still refined, the live camera, time-lapses, and notifications work seamlessly. The ability to monitor the print progress in real-time and receive notifications upon completion is a valuable addition. Moreover, the AnkerMake M5’s camera employs cloud-based AI technology to compare the actual print to the expected model, identifying errors and alerting the user accordingly.

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    “The AnkerMake M5 offers exceptional precision and versatility, making it a top contender in the 3D printing market. With its intelligent error detection and easy-to-use software, it provides a seamless printing experience for both beginners and experts.”

    The AnkerMake M5 surpasses typical remote monitoring solutions by utilizing its AI-powered camera to detect potential errors during the printing process. It can warn users of issues without halting the print entirely. However, in the case of significant errors, such as messy filament swirls, the printer will pause until the issue is resolved. While this feature proves useful, it does present a minor drawback. The camera sometimes detects people passing by in the background as errors, leading to occasional false notifications. Nonetheless, users can quickly access the live stream to assess the situation, regardless of their location. (source )

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    The AnkerMake M5 3D printer Specification:

    Tech SpecsAnkerMake M5 3D Printer
    Max Print Size235 × 235 × 250 mm³
    Control Interface4.3-inch touchscreen
    Print Resolution0.1 mm
    Leveling7 x 7 auto-leveling
    Heated BedYes (up to 100°C / 212°F)
    Filament SupportPLA, PETG, ABS, TPU
    Print BedBendable, scratch-resistant PEI-plated
    ConnectivityUSB-C and Wi-Fi
    Control SoftwareAnkerMake app, AnkerMake Slicer, Alexa
    ConstructionDie-cast aluminum alloy structure
    Assembly Time15 minutes

    Advanced Precision and Print Quality:

     The AnkerMake M5 continues to impress with its remarkable precision and unparalleled print quality. The printer boasts an impressive layer resolution of up to 0.05mm, ensuring the creation of intricate and detailed models with exceptional accuracy. Its robust frame design significantly reduces vibrations, guaranteeing precise and flawless prints. By employing a direct drive extruder, the M5 enhances filament control, resulting in smoother and more consistent extrusion, elevating the overall print quality to new heights. (source )

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    Versatile Printing Capabilities: 

    The AnkerMake M5 offers a diverse range of printing capabilities, allowing users to explore various materials and designs effortlessly. It remains compatible with an extensive selection of filaments, including popular options like PLA, ABS, PETG, and flexible filaments such as TPU and TPE. The heated print bed guarantees optimal adhesion, reducing the risk of warping and ensuring consistent print quality. Moreover, the M5’s open filament system provides users with the freedom to experiment with third-party filaments, enabling limitless customization options.

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    Minimizing Print Interruptions

    AnkerMake understands the importance of uninterrupted printing. In a power outage, the M5 printer will automatically pause the print, ensuring no progress is lost. Furthermore, the printer proactively detects issues like failed first-layer adhesion, allowing users to address them promptly and avoid wasted time and materials. Previously limited to the AnkerMake Slicer, this feature is now compatible with popular slicing software like Cura and Prusa, providing greater user flexibility.

    AnkerMake M5 3DPrinter

    AnkerMake M5 3D Printer

    The AnkerMake M5 is an exceptional 3D printer, combining superior build quality with innovative features. It sets a new standard in the industry, revolutionizing the printing experience with its sleek design and impressive performance. A true masterpiece that brings creativity to life with unmatched precision.

    User-Friendly Experience: 

    AnkerMake M5 3DPrinter prioritizes a seamless user experience, and the M5 is designed with intuitive features that simplify the printing process. The printer now boasts a vibrant color touch screen interface, offering enhanced navigation and control. With its convenient auto-leveling bed and filament run-out detection, setup time is minimized, and the likelihood of failed prints is reduced significantly. To further streamline operations, the M5 supports Wi-Fi connectivity, granting users the ability to monitor and control prints remotely through the AnkerMake mobile app.

    Efficient and Reliable Performance: 

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    The AnkerMake M5 3DPrinter is engineered for utmost efficiency and reliability. Its sturdy construction guarantees stability throughout the printing process, minimizing vibrations and ensuring consistently outstanding results. The printer’s enclosed chamber creates an optimized environment for printing, reducing the influence of external factors on print quality. The M5’s dual cooling fans and advanced thermal management system effectively prevent overheating, enabling extended print runs without compromising performance or print accuracy. (source)

    AnkerMake M5 3DPrinter Software Update

    Spaghetti Detection Algorithm Upgrade

    One notable improvement is the upgrade to the spaghetti detection algorithm. Through deep learning, the AI algorithm has been trained with publicly available images and community-provided data. When the printer’s AI detects spaghetti-like structures during the printing process, it automatically pauses the print, preventing potential mishaps and saving valuable time and materials.

    One-Click Printing and Model Download

    In line with the latest advancements, the AnkerMake M5 3DPrinter model library has been upgraded to support one-click printing and model downloads, available through the AnkerMake App. This streamlined feature allows users to effortlessly initiate prints and conveniently access a wide range of pre-designed models, reducing the time spent searching for suitable models and simplifying the printing process. (source )

    AnkerMake M5 3DPrinter Price and Customer Support

    The AnkerMake M5 3DPrinter is currently available on Amazon and the official AnkerMake website. With a retail price of $799, this high-quality 3D printer offers excellent value for money. Customers can enjoy a discount using the Amazon Best Deal promotion promo code. Additionally, the official website offers a bundle deal, providing customers with further savings. The printer comes with a 12-month warranty, and AnkerMake prioritizes customer service, guaranteeing a response within 24 hours to any inquiries or assistance needed.

    Product Feedback

    The Verge: “The AnkerMake M5 impresses with its solid build quality, innovative features, and sleek design. While the noise level remains a concern, the overall performance and stability of the printer make it a contender in the 3D printing market. The software, however, falls short in terms of user-friendliness and functionality. AnkerMake has been actively addressing these concerns through regular software and firmware updates, showing their commitment to improving the overall experience. With further improvements, the AnkerMake M5 has the potential to be a great 3D printer.”

    Tom’s Hardware: “AnkerMake M5 showcases impressive Hardware with its high-quality construction and innovative features. The printer’s speed and print quality are exceptional, surpassing expectations for a printer of this category. However, the software aspect leaves room for improvement. The slicer is not the most user-friendly and lacks advanced control features. Nonetheless, AnkerMake has been working on software and firmware updates to address these shortcomings. For newcomers to the 3D printing scene, the AnkerMake M5 offers a capable and reliable option, while experienced users may find the software limitations a drawback.” “The AnkerMake M5 impresses with its exceptional printing speed and quality, rivaling even higher-end 3D printers. It’s sturdy construction and attractive design makes it standout in the market. However, the software experience could use some refinement. The AnkerMake slicer is clunky and lacks advanced control options. Despite this, AnkerMake has been actively improving the software and firmware, demonstrating its commitment to enhancing the user experience. For hobbyists and enthusiasts looking for reliable and fast printing performance, the AnkerMake M5 is a solid choice.”

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