7 Best Cordless Chainsaws: Reviews And Buying Guide

    In this article, we have selected the best cordless chainsaws for users. Here is a detailed review of each product and runtime, So there is no need to panic. You have come to the right place. The runtime of the chainsaw is approximately 30-40 minutes while trimming and cutting. This article has selected the best portable, easy-to-use, and budget vise chainsaws. Gas-powered chainsaws are also used for heavy tasks; if a user wants a chainsaw for a heavy task, he should go for that.

    Here are some essential points users should keep in mind before buying the best cordless chainsaws that are listed below:

    • Size Of Blade: The chainsaw blade size is essential; if a user wants to buy a chainsaw for heavy applications, a gas-powered chainsaw is the best option. The cordless chainsaws come in 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, and 18 inches. Typically, a 16 or 18-inch blade is used for tree cutting depending upon the user’s requirements. But for small applications, 12 and 14-inch blades are used for wood cutting or small home applications.
    •  Battery Of Chainsaw: The battery is also essential to remember before buying a chainsaw. If battery life is more remarkable, it will allow the user to give more runtime of the chainsaw. The different chainsaw has different batteries; for a powerful motor, There is a 40 and 60-volt battery. Different batteries have different capacities. Some have the capacity of 3 Ah and 5 Ah.
    •  Speed Of Motor: The other most crucial factor the user should know about is the motor speed; the more significant the RPM, The more power is generated. Many options are available in the market; Some chainsaw has an RPM of about 4000, 5000, 6000, and so on. In this article, we have chosen the best chainsaws for the user. Also, we have a detailed review, so there is no need to panic.
    •  Special Design Chainsaw: If a user wants to buy a chainsaw for a particular reason, there are also some special chainsaws, just like a scissor. The Alligator Lopper is one of the examples of that strange chainsaw. This type of chainsaw is used for light cutting and is portable and easy to carry.

    So, down below is an informative chart and the quick buying guide; check it out.


    Top best Cordless Chainsaws: We have selected the best chainsaw for home use in the following list. They are the best, most potent rechargeable chain saws available.

    These electric Chainsaw reviews are below the table. You will be able to choose which chainsaw is the best for you. It should be noted that the below list is based on battery-powered chainsaw reviews.

    Best Cordless Chainsaws Reviews And Buying Guide

    1. Makita Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

    best cordless chainsaws

    Makita is a well-known brand that builds high-quality premium products. Makita also makes a cordless chainsaw, so below is a detailed review of the Makita chainsaw.

    The first product that we have selected in our article is Makita XCU03PT1This is a premium quality product and has an outstanding build quality. This has a brushless DC motor and 18V batteries; both batteries provide 36V power. This chainsaw has 14 inches blades, Which provide excellent performance in cutting.

    Overall, there are four 5A batteries with a cordless chainsaw. So the User will not need to buy extra batteries for it. If charging is gone while using the chainsaw, the User can easily replace its battery with another. Makita is an outstanding brand, so it provides a warranty of 3 years, which is more than enough.


    • Blade Size: 14 Inches
    • Electric Volt: 36V
    • Batteries: 5Ah
    • Warranty: 3 Years

    2. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw

    best cordless chainsaws

    Greenworks is a well-known brand that builds high-quality premium products. Greenworks also makes a cordless and eco-friendly chainsaw. Below is a detailed review of the Greenworks chainsaw.

    The Second product we selected in our article is the Greenworks 20312 Cordless Electric ChainsawThis is an eco-friendly chainsaw; It comes with a 16-inch blade that is more than enough for large and heavy cutting. The best feature is its large blade. Also, this chainsaw is a budget chainsaw. Also, the Greenworks chainsaw comes with a 4-year Warranty, which is quite incredible at this price tag.

    This chainsaw has a 40V lithium battery. Also, this chainsaw runs out of battery; it is simple to change its battery, and the mechanism is also quite simple. This is the best electric chainsaw with a 2 Ah capacity.


    • Blade Size: 16 Inches
    • Electric Volt: 40V
    • Batteries: 2Ah
    • Warranty: 4 Years

    3. Dewalt Cordless Chainsaw

    best cordless chainsaws

    In our article, The third chain saw that we have selected is from the famous brand Dewalt. This is an outstanding electric chordless chainsaw That we have picked for users. However, Dewalt is a great brand that makes fantastic products.

    The 3rd product is the Dewalt DCCS620B Cordless ChainsawThis high-performance brushless motor is a quitter and provides the best performance with a Battery of 20V. This is not applicable for heavy work; this can be used just for homework because of a 12-inch blade. Dewalt chainsaw is compatible and portable, easy to carry from one place to another.

    Dewalt has many products, such as air compressors, etc. The same goes for chainsaws; it has premium and outstanding chainsaws. Also, Dewalt provides a warranty of 3 years, which is more than enough. This chainsaw has a good-quality battery and can easily be replaced. No high-end knowledge is needed.


    • Blade Size: 12 Inches
    • Electric Volt: 20V
    • Batteries: 5Ah
    • Warranty: 3 Years

    4. Black Decker Chordless Chainsaw

    best cordless chainsaws

    In our Article, the fourth Brand we selected is Black Decker. Many users know it already. This fantastic Brand makes value-for-money products and excellent electric cordless chainsaws.

    The 4th product we added to our list is the Black and Decker LCS1020We have selected this product because it is value-for-money and provides all the features. This small, portable electric chainsaw with a 10-inch blade is enough for homework and woodcutting. This comes with a 20V battery that is quite durable and enough for a 10-inch chainsaw.

    This is a budget chainsaw. The company also provides accessories in the package in this price range. Also, the lithium-ion battery is given that is durable. This product comes with a 2-year warranty. The build quality is also unique, portable, stylish electric chain saw.


    • Blade Size: 10 Inches
    • Electric Volt: 20V
    • Batteries: 2Ah
    • Warranty: 2 Years

    5. EGO Power Chordless Chainsaw

    best cordless chainsaws

    In our Article, the Fifth Brand we selected is ECG POWER. Many users know it already. This fantastic brand makes value-for-money products and excellent electric cordless chainsaws.

    As for users, we select products that help our users find goods, value for money, and save our users time. The fifth product that we have selected is EGO Power+ CS1400This has a 14-inch blade that can be used for heavy work. The 14-inch blade is capable of cutting deep wood. This chainsaw has a great high-performance brushless motor and can provide up to 6300 RPM. As RPM is relatively high, it has a 56V battery that delivers high performance and makes a cable chainsaw work with high-class performance and stability.

    This powerful chainsaw with a quiet motor can also be used for heavy work cutting trees and tree branches. The company provides a warranty of 5 YEARS, which is a lot compared to other chainsaws, and it’s a plus point of this chainsaw. This is a reliable, portable, and significant electrical cordless chainsaw.


    • Blade Size: 14 Inches
    • Electric Volt: 56V
    • Batteries: 2.5Ah
    • Warranty: 5 Years

    6. WORX Chordless Chainsaw

    best cordless chainsaws

    In our Article, the Sixth Brand we selected is WORX. This brand makes most of the electrical products and types of equipment. This also makes products budgeted and helpful with high performance. The next chainsaw we picked up from this brand.

    The 6th product is Worx WG322. This is a high-performance cordless best electric chainsaw with a low price tag and fulfills all requirements of users. WG322 can be used for small types of work because it has a blade of 10 Inches. Although the blade is small, it has a 20V battery system that provides excellent performance. Also, a 2Ah battery with a charger in a package makes the product value for money.

    This is a fantastic chainsaw with excellent build quality and a warranty of 3 YEARS, just like other products in the Article. The most important feature of this chainsaw is its weight. It’s about 6.2 lb, So this is a lightweight, portable chainsaw.


    • Cordless Convenience: Freedom of movement without cords.
    • Lightweight: Easy to handle for various users.
    • Quiet Operation: Reduced noise during use.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Zero emissions.
    • Low Maintenance: No fuel mixing or spark plug changes.

    7. CRAFTSMAN Cordless Chainsaw

    best cordless chainsaws

    In our Article, the seventh Brand, that we have selected is CRAFTSMAN. This brand makes most of the electric products and high-performance chainsaws. The last Chainsaw from Craftsman is powerful and performs heavy-duty and can be used for heavy works.

    The 7th product is Craftsman V60 Cordless Chainsaw. We have selected this chainsaw because it is one of the best cordless chainsaws not only because it is powerful and can cut trees without any disturbance. It comes with a powerful 16-Inches blade and also a 60V battery system. But the main point is it comes with a 2.5Ah battery capacity that is average. But on another side, the price is also affordable.

    This is an amazing chainsaw with excellent build quality and comes with a warranty of 4-YEARS. Just like other products it has all equipment in the package so no need to buy anything separately. This chainsaw has also unique features like oil auto-filling and bubble level. It has a premium build quality and also an amazing grip to handle.


    • Blade Size: 16 Inches
    • Electric Volt: 60V
    • Batteries: 5Ah
    • Warranty: 4 Years


    Best Cordless Chainsaws Extra Products:

    Things You should Remember:

    • Only professionals should attempt complex felling.
    • Use the right chainsaw and PPE for the task and maintain it correctly
    • Make sure you use your chainsaw properly, and consider getting training in basic chainsaw skills
    • Be aware of main hazards of chainsaw use – kickback, hearing loss, vibration disease, and CO poisoning.
    • Chainsaws have the potential to cause horrific injuries. By law, chainsaw operators must have received adequate training relevant to the type of work they undertake.
    • They are also required to wear appropriate chainsaw protective clothing whenever they use a chainsaw.


    Although in this article we have selected the best cordless Chainsaws for you guys if you’re going to buy the best chainsaw, Then you are at the right place. This contains all according to your needs budget vise, motor, and blade type.

    but in the above, we have also picked up 2 chainsaws for you guys 1 winner and another runner Chainsaw down below:


    We have chosen this chainsaw just because this has a premium quality and high-class build quality, also comes with high power. This chainsaw has the best 16-Inches that can cut everything without any issue. This has also a powerful 60V battery system that delivers great power also has a 4-Year warranty.

    Runner: WORX WG322

    We have selected this chainsaw because it is one of the best chainsaws in 2021 as a Runner just because if a user has a budget issue you should go for this chainsaw because this has all the abilities that can fulfill the user requirement. it has a 10-Inches blade and can be used in homes and small types of works. It is easy to carry and a portable chainsaw with a great build quality and price tag.

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