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AI and Art: Democratization, Ethics, and Regulation in the digital age

The rise of online tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) to create images has sparked a heated debate over the democratization, ethics, and regulation of art in the digital age. These tools, which can produce a wide range of images from absurd to horrifying, are touted by tech companies as a liberating force for art for all. But not everyone agrees.

Art historian and AI expert Emily L. Spratt believe that the democratization of art brought about by AI is a complex issue, requiring a close examination of ethics and regulation in the digital age. While some view AI as a liberating force that empowers everyone to be an artist, Spratt sees it as a tool of entertainment and clickbait.

The boundary between AI and other forms of technology is becoming blurred as AI seeps into all aspects of digital image-making processes. Yet the art world is trying to figure out AI’s role in art. Major auction houses have created separate platforms for selling AI art, but the criticism of the field has yet to catch up with its development. According to Spratt, the discourse on AI art should come from a lot of art history and include a discussion of democratization, ethics, and regulation in the digital age.

Since then, major auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s have worked hard to create separate platforms for selling AI art, seemingly not wanting to “sully” fine art with these new digital explorations. However, critics are yet to catch up with the field and express what is good, bad, or indifferent. Spratt believes that the discourse around AI art is on its way and should come from a lot of art history.

In conclusion, while AI art tools may seem like the Democratization, Ethics, and Regulation in the digital age, reality is more complex. As AI becomes increasingly ubiquitous in the digital age, it is essential to consider this new art form’s ethical and regulatory implications. The art world must engage with the challenges posed by AI art to ensure that it develops in a responsible and meaningful way.

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