Watching This Ad Will Make You Think Twice About Sharing Your Kids’ Photos Online

    A company called “Deutsche Telekom” is showing this advertisement everywhere to make all parents aware. In this advertisement, they are urging parents to think a thousand times before sharing their children’s pictures live on the internet.

    This ad has already garnered millions of views. It showcases how artificial intelligence can transform a face and react in such a way that it appears to be the person’s child.

    The ad uses AI technology to virtually age a 9-year-old girl named Ella, portrayed by an actor. Its impactful message is to bring attention to the possible risks and outcomes of sharing too much of a child’s digital presence.

    We should be very cautious because the famous Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg recently shared pictures of his children on the media, but he blurred them to prevent any misuse. This serves as a reminder of how we can seek help from examples of how big celebrities are taken care of and how artificial intelligence could become dangerous in the future.

    We should be extremely cautious in the world of artificial intelligence because we are now in an era where our own voices can no longer be trusted. This is because AI can clone our voices, and companies like Google are working to safeguard against the misuse of AI-generated photos and videos.

    They are implementing watermarks to indicate that the content is AI-generated. It’s crucial to be aware of the potential risks and take measures to protect our digital identities in this rapidly evolving AI landscape.

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