Ford Rolls Out BlueCruise 1.2 with Hands-Free Lane Changing and New Features

Exploring Ford's Latest Update: BlueCruise 1.2 Adds Hands-Free Lane Changing and Predictive Features for Safer Driving Experience

Ford is gearing up to release the BlueCruise 1.2 update for its advanced driver-assist system, featuring hands-free lane changing and other new capabilities. This update will be available for 2023 Mustang Mach-E owners this fall. Updates for other Ford and Lincoln models will follow it.

The competition between advanced driver-assist systems continues to intensify, with GM’s Super Cruise and Tesla’s Autopilot systems being the most popular choices in the market. Despite being a bit behind its competitors, Ford is confident that the BlueCruise system will be able to compete with these systems, especially after the 1.2 updates.

New Features

BlueCruise 1.2 will include three new features that will improve its capabilities. The first feature, lane change assist, will allow the vehicle to change lanes when the driver taps the turn signal automatically. In addition, the system can suggest a lane change if the vehicle appears to be in slow-moving traffic.

The second new feature, predictive speed assist, will automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed as it approaches a sharp curve. The system will signal the driver ahead of time when a speed change is about to occur. The third feature, in-lane repositioning, will keep the vehicle in its lane while subtly shifting its position away from adjacent vehicles, particularly larger ones such as semi-trucks.

“These improvements are just the beginning of a constant journey toward improving safety and giving customers valuable time back,” said Doug Field, who runs Ford’s electric and autonomous division Model e.

Ford’s BlueCruise System to Receive Major Update in 2023

Ford has announced that its BlueCruise advanced driver-assist system is set to receive a significant update this fall. The BlueCruise 1.2 update will include several new features, such as lane change assist, predictive speed assist, and in-lane repositioning, making it a worthy competitor to GM’s Super Cruise and Tesla’s Autopilot systems. According to sources, BlueCruise has been a popular choice for many Ford and Lincoln owners, with over 75,000 units sold since its launch in 2021.

Enhancing Safety and Control on the Road


Adding new features in the BlueCruise 1.2 update is set to provide users with a more comfortable and safe driving experience. The lane change assists feature will automatically perform a lane change when the driver requests, with the option to suggest a lane change when the vehicle appears to be in slow-moving traffic.

“We are excited to see Ford continue to improve and expand BlueCruise with the latest software update,” said a spokesperson for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). “As always, we encourage all drivers to stay alert and vigilant while using advanced driver-assistance systems.”

The predictive speed assist feature automatically adjusts the speed as drivers approach a sharp curve and warn the driver when a speed change is about to occur. Finally, the in-lane repositioning feature subtly shifts the vehicle’s position away from adjacent vehicles, ensuring it remains in its lane. These features work together to improve safety and driver control on the road.

Real-World Testing Shows BlueCruise Works Great

Several reports have highlighted the effectiveness of the BlueCruise system in real-world driving conditions. In a review by Nilay Patel of The Verge, the BlueCruise system worked exceptionally well during his test drive of the F-150 Lightning. However, he noted that the system needed to be clearer to use initially. Despite this, BlueCruise has been positively received by users and industry experts, who have praised its capabilities and Ford’s commitment to the driver-assist system market.

Ongoing Legal Dispute Over the BlueCruise Name

Despite the positive reception of the BlueCruise system, Ford is currently facing a legal dispute with GM over the use of the name BlueCruise. In 2020, GM filed a lawsuit against Ford, arguing that the name was too similar to its own Super Cruise system. While the two companies are reportedly working towards a settlement, the ongoing dispute could impact the future development and marketing of the BlueCruise system.

“BlueCruise and ActiveGlide are Level 2 systems, which work in concert with a number of distinct features to improve driver assistance,” said a Ford spokesperson. “While these systems don’t make the vehicle autonomous, they do provide drivers with increased safety and convenience on the road.”

Competition and Lawsuits

Despite the new features, Ford is still behind its competitors. Tesla added automatic lane changing to Autopilot in 2019, and GM updated Super Cruise to include the same feature in 2021. GM even filed a lawsuit against Ford last year, claiming that the name BlueCruise was too similar to Super Cruise. The companies are still reportedly working to settle the dispute.


The Verge’s Nilay Patel reviewed the BlueCruise system when he tested the F-150 Lightning. He found the system “deeply confusing” but admitted that it worked great when active.

Other popular websites have also reviewed the BlueCruise system. CNET reviewed the Mustang Mach-E with BlueCruise and said the system “worked well.” They also praised the in-lane repositioning feature, saying it was “a bit unnerving at first, but once you get used to it, it feels like the car is anticipating your every move.”

“As we continue on our journey towards improving safety and providing our customers with valuable time back, we are thrilled to introduce BlueCruise 1.2,” said Doug Field, head of Ford’s electric and autonomous division Model e. “These new features are just the beginning of what’s to come.”


The BlueCruise 1.2 update is set to significantly improve the Ford advanced driver-assist system, enhancing users’ driving experience. With the addition of lane change assist, predictive speed assist, and in-lane repositioning, BlueCruise is poised to become a worthy competitor to other established driver-assist systems on the market. While the ongoing legal dispute over the BlueCruise name is a potential roadblock, Ford’s commitment to staying ahead in the competitive driver-assist systems market bodes well for the future of the BlueCruise system.


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