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Elevenlabs, which had become widely famous for its viral AI-powered voice, has now introduced another feature. With this feature, you can now generate voice in 30 different languages. This feature is currently in the beta version.

What we defined earlier as Audio Samples with TextToSample differs significantly from what Elevenlabs offers. Elevenlabs provides a straightforward and easy-to-use solution.

Elevenlabs has announced that their tool can now recognize the language of a given voice, including Korean, Dutch, and Vietnamese. Additionally, it can generate ’emotionally rich’ speech in these languages.

Not only this but now customers won’t need to write. They have to speak, and the tool will allow them to speak in different languages of their choice, almost 30 languages.

Elevenlabs might have to face many challenges now, as along with this, the AI voices, especially in the music industry, will likely have a significant impact.

As Elevenlabs mentioned, they will certainly establish some limits, and in the future, they plan to introduce various features for their paid customers. One of these features includes an AI detection tool that will make it easier to identify if a particular voice has been generated using AI technology.

Actors are also facing a big issue because now their voices can be easily cloned. Just like a few days ago, Selena Gomez was amazed by hearing her voice in the same way. An article from Motherboard talks about how voice actors are being asked to give up their rights to their voices.

This is so that companies can use AI to make fake versions of their voices, which could eventually take their place. At the same time, emails seen by The New York Times show that Activision Blizzard, a big video game company, is working on tools that use AI to help create voices for games.

Here is how you can access ElevenLabs:

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