BeTRITON: The Amphibious Electric Tricycle Camper That Redefines Adventure.

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key features of the BeTRITON:

  • Amphibious: Can travel on land and water
  • Electric: Powered by a lithium-ion battery pack
  • Range of 30 miles on a single charge
  • Top speeds of 15 mph on land and 3 mph on water
  • Multifunctional cabin that can be used as a camper
  • Solar panels on the roof to supplement the battery’s charge
  • Available for pre-order now, with a starting price of around $14,600

A Latvian startup has unveiled the BeTRITON, an amphibious electric tricycle camper that promises unparalleled adventure. The BeTRITON can seamlessly transition from road cruiser to watercraft to cosy camper, all in minutes.

The mastermind behind the BeTRITON is Aigars Lauzis, a visionary with an extensive background in urban design. Lauzis’ inspiration for the BeTRITON emerged from his experiences, including a monumental 18,600-mile journey from London to Tokyo to his native Latvia between 2013 and 2017.

During this odyssey, he recognized the limitations of conventional touring bikes, which hindered water crossings and offered limited cargo space. The arduous task of setting up and dismantling a traditional tent also wore on his enthusiasm.

“I couldn’t cross water, had very limited room for luggage, and…setting up a stuffy tent again and again can be tiresome,” Lauzis reflected.

Fuelled by his passion for innovation, Lauzis channelled his experiences into creating a remarkable vehicle that seamlessly combines the prowess of an electric tricycle with the versatility of a boat and the comfort of a camper.

 Credit: BeTRITON

The BeTRITON has an electric motor that provides essential assistance while pedalling, a crucial feature given the vehicle’s substantial weight when fully loaded. The transformation from road to water mode takes five minutes, facilitated by a pair of oars that come in handy if the battery runs dry.

What sets the BeTRITON apart is its multifunctional cabin, which can be used as a comfortable camper on land and water. This innovative design caters to wanderers who relish the thrill of exploration without compromising on comfort. With ample space for two individuals and their gear, the BeTRITON cabin ensures a snug retreat after a day of exhilarating escapades.

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Powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, the BeTRITON boasts a range of approximately 30 miles on a single charge, reaching top speeds of 15 mph on land and three mph on water. For eco-conscious adventurers, the cabin’s roof is adorned with solar panels that supplement the battery’s charge.

 Credit: BeTRITON

The BeTRITON is available for pre-order now, with a starting price of around $14,600. BeTRITON has also announced plans to release a DIY kit version in 2024 for those with a more budget-conscious outlook. Starting at $5,500, this kit will allow enthusiasts to build their adventure companions.

The BeTRITON is a revolutionary new vehicle that promises to redefine how we explore the world. With its unique combination of features, the BeTRITON is the perfect vehicle for adventurers who want to go beyond the limits of traditional transportation.

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