Best Touch Screen Monitors 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

    The best touch screen monitors allow you to tap, swipe, pinch-to zoom just like your phone, tablet, or laptop.

    We are pleased to present our selection of top touch screen monitors that can be used with desktop computers or secondary monitors to work with laptops in the office.

    A lot of laptops have touch-screen displays, and almost every tablet and phone has one. It can be challenging to find a non-touch desktop monitor. Many touch-sensitive monitors can be used to tap, swipe, pinch and zoom just like a touch-screen tablet or laptop.

    The majority of the touch screen monitors featured on this list measure at least 21 inches, with 23-24 inches the norm. There are also a few 27-inch options. However, that is the limit of touch screen monitors. Any more significant than that, you would need stretchy arms to reach the corners of the screen; it’s not recommended.

    There are many situations where a touch screen monitor is a great option, regardless of whether you’re using a laptop or desktop. These monitors offer a rich experience and can be used with a stylus to create graphics some of the Touch screen became ultra 4k display when connected with low profile graphics cards. These are the details that have led to our selection of top touch screen monitors.

    Things to consider when choosing a touch screen monitor

    Screen Size: You should also check the size of your touch screen monitor just like a regular monitor. For different uses, you will find smaller sizes (e.g. 7-inch) and larger ones (22 or 24 inches).

    Resolution: It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small monitor, it is important to ensure that the image quality is sharp. You should also check the resolution of your monitor. A 3840 x 22160 4K UHD monitor will offer a better image quality than many 1920 x 1080 FHD models.

    Form Factor: Different users may use different touch screen monitors for different purposes, so they have different forms. Some are designed for desktop use while others can be used on a mobile device. These monitors can be taken along with your laptop to increase screen space and productivity.

    A detailed guide is available to help you. “Buying Guide” Below is how it works. These are the key points that will help you choose the best touch screen monitor for your needs.

    Best Touch Screen Monitors 2023 Reviews

    1. ASUS ZenScreen 15.6-inch Touch Screen Monitor

    best touch screen monitors

    Asus is a well-known brand for gaming computers ,accessories such as monitors. They offer both touch and standard monitors, like the one shown here.

    This is the first position for the Asus ZenScreen MB16AMT touchscreen monitor, as it is one of our favorite portable options. It is a 15.6-inch monitor which offers excellent portability and screen space. It weighs only 2 pounds and has a thickness of 0.3 inches. This touch screen monitor has a 1920×1080 FHD resolution.

    The IPS panel makes this monitor very good for color reproduction. You will find integrated speakers, a 7800mAh internal battery, and a touch screen monitor. The best thing about the Asus monitor? It comes with various ports, including micro HDMI and USB type C. It is a highly-respected brand and comes with a 3-year warranty.

    Best Features of ASUS ZenScreen 15.6-inch Touch Screen Monitor

    • Rated screen size 15.6 inches
    • You can get a 1920×1080 resolution screen
    • Constructed for portability
    • Warranty period: 3 years

    2. EVICIV Portable 7-inch Touch Screen Monitor

    EVICIV’s products are smaller than other brands, and they are known for being affordable. This includes its touch screen monitor, which is very compact.

    The Eviciv USB touch screen monitor is ranked 2nd on this listicle because it offers a great affordable option for many buyers. The 7-inch screen size allows it to be cheap. Although its resolution is lower than other monitors, it can still be used with Raspberry Pie. This touchscreen monitor was designed for Raspberry Pie. There are four screw holes at the corners that can be used to mount it in any enclosure you choose.

    This USB monitor is small and portable to be carried with your laptop or Raspberry Pie. This monitor has a capacitive touch panel that allows multiple fingers to zoom and scroll simultaneously. This touch screen monitor is an excellent option for long-term usage, unlike other budget options.

    Best Features of EVICIV Portable Touch Screen

    • Screen size rated at 7 inches
    • You can get a screen resolution of 1024×600
    • Constructed for portability
    • Includes a lifetime warranty

    3. VIOTEK LinQ 16-inch Touch Screen Monitor

    Viotek is a well-known brand for feature-rich computer accessories, including the touch screen monitor.

    The Viotek LinQP156CT touch screen monitor is in the third position in this article. It has a lot of features and comes in at the third position. It is compact and can display a 16-inch screen thanks to its thin-bezel design. This monitor is lightweight at 1.7 lbs and has a 9.4mm thickness. This monitor also features a 1920×1080 FHD resolution for excellent image quality.

    This IPS touch screen monitor looks great and offers many other features. You get inbuilt speakers, dual USB Type C ports, mini HDMI connectivity, and an aux audio port. The USB type C ports also support DisplayPort output, making it easy to connect a single cable with your laptop. In addition, Viotek offers decent flexibility in terms of viewing angles with an integrated stand.

    Best Features of VIOTEK LinQ Touch Screen Monitor

    • Rated screen size 16 inches
    • You can get a 1920×1080 resolution screen
    • Constructed for portability
    • Warranty period: 3 years

    4. UPERFECT 15.6-inch Touch Screen Monitor

    Uperfect, a brand new in laptop and desktop accessories, still offers exceptional performance numbers. It also has features you won’t find anywhere else.
    In terms of image quality, the Uperfect touch screen monitor is one of the most attractive options. It is the only 4K UHD touch-screen monitor that measures 3840×2160.

    The 15.6-inch portable screen has a high pixel density, which results in excellent sharpness and detail. As a result, it is the best-looking monitor on the market, with features such as Freesync HDR, High 300 nits Brightness, 100% sRGB Coverage, and Freesync.

    This 4K UHD touch screen monitor, like all other ones, also has an IPS panel that allows for good color reproduction. In addition, this monitor has an inbuilt sensor that allows you to rotate it and use it in portrait mode, if necessary. This monitor also comes with a 10-point touch screen panel that allows you to make various hand gestures.

    You will find the dual USB type C (mini HDMI) ports very handy when connecting this monitor to your devices. In addition, this premium touch screen monitor comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Best Features of UPERFECT Touch Screen Monitor

    • Rated screen size 15.6 inches
    • It offers a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels
    • Constructed for portability
    • Includes a lifetime warranty

    5. ViewSonic TD2220 22-inch Touch Screen Monitor

    ViewSonic is another option for those looking for desktop monitors with touch screen capability and high versatility.

    Another option is the ViewSonic TD2220 touchscreen monitor. Although it’s not quite as large as the Philips model, the 22-inch screen is more than sufficient for most users. It has a 1920×1080 FHD touch screen monitor that provides decent image quality and resolution. In addition, it can handle up to two touch inputs simultaneously, which is useful for those who use basic touch gestures.

    ViewSonic’s monitor doesn’t have an IPS panel, so that colors may appear slightly washed out. This full-size monitor is designed for desktop use. Stereo speakers are included for media consumption.

    You will see ports such as VGA and DVI on the back of this monitor that isn’t found on other touch screen monitors. In addition, ViewSonic offers a 3-year warranty and a strong build quality, just like other well-respected brands.

    Best Features of ViewSonic TD2220 Touch Screen Monitor

    • Rated screen size 22 inches
    • You can get a 1920×1080 resolution screen
    • Made for desktop use
    • Warranty period: 3 years

    6. WIMAXIT 14-inch Touch Screen Monitor

    Wimaxit is a brand new touch screen monitor that is great for mobile use without compromising on performance.

    While the Wimaxit portable touchscreen monitor is compact, it still has a good screen size. It uses a 14-inch screen, which provides a great balance between form factor and screen space. In addition, the 1920 x 1080 resolution of the screen is quite good for image quality. Furthermore, the display supports HDR, 400 nits brightness, and 98% sRGB coverage for even better image quality.

    This portable touch screen monitor also features an IPS panel which is fairly accurate in color accuracy. In addition, this monitor is extremely versatile, thanks to its slim profile and built-in speakers.

    It has a USB type C, mini HDMI, and audio ports that can be used to connect to your smartphone. In addition, this monitor has a USB type C connector that connects to any smartphone that supports this function. Unfortunately, Wimaxit is still a relatively new brand, so the warranty only lasts for one year.

    Best Features of WIMAXIT Touch Screen Monitor

    • Screen size rated at 14 inches
    • You can get a 1920×1080 resolution screen
    • Constructed for portability
    • Warranty period: 1 Year

    7. Elo 1515L 15-inch Touch Screen Monitor

    Although Elo’s touch screen monitor and Elo are somewhat out of date, they can still be used for desktop use.

    Elo’s E700813 touch screen monitor 1515L is another monitor that can be used for desktop use. It has a smaller screen than the other monitors. You will find a screen that measures 15 inches. This is a 4×3 monitor that is rated at 1024×768.

    This monitor is not up to date and has a limited number of connectivity options. These include VGA, DVI, and a USB port for touch input. In addition, Elo offers a 3-year standard warranty, which is always a great thing to have.

    Best Features of Elo 1515L Touch Screen Monitor

    • Rated screen size 15 inches
    • You can get a 1920×1080 resolution screen
    • For desktop use
    • Warranty period: 3 years

    8. XtendTouch XT1610F 15.6-inch Touch Screen Monitor

    Pepper Jobs sells a variety of accessories for mobile and computer devices that offer a great experience.

    If you’re looking for a portable monitor, the Pepper Jobs portable touchscreen monitor is a great choice. This touch screen monitor has a 15.6-inch screen. The monitor also comes with a 10800 mAh internal battery. As a result, it can run for 6 hours on one charge and does not require a power source.

    This IPS touch screen monitor has a 1920 x1080 FHD panel, which provides excellent image quality. This monitor can be connected to any device via its quad-inbuilt speakers, mini HDMI, and dual USB type C ports.

    This monitor supports up to 10 touch inputs simultaneously, just like many other touch screen monitors. However, it only comes with a 1-year warranty, so if you are looking for a reliable touch screen monitor that is highly reliable, you might consider other options.

    Best Features of XtendTouch XT1610F Touch Screen Monitor

    • Rated screen size 15.6 inches
    • You can get a 1920×1080 resolution screen
    • Constructed for portability
    • Warranty period: 1 Year

    Guide to Buying Touch Screen Monitors

    It is likely that your entry-level laptop does not have touch screen functionality. You don’t have to spend a lot if you still want touch screen functionality.

    These monitors offer a variety of features and specifications that have been described above. Here is a comprehensive buying guide that will help you choose the best touch screen monitors.

    1.Resolution and screen size:

    A touch screen monitor has one major drawback. It cannot be enlarged beyond 27 inches. Touch screen monitors of 50+ inches are designed for corporate presentations and not home computing. In addition, the Full HD 1920×1020 resolution of most 27-inch touchscreen monitors is the same as its smaller 21-24-inch counterparts. So you are not getting more pixels but larger ones. If you are sitting further away from the monitor, this can cause your images to look less sharp.

    Screen size is an important consideration when purchasing a touch screen monitor. A larger screen size provides more space for work and immersive experiences, as you might expect.

    If you are consuming many TV and movies on your screen, a larger screen is a better choice. Most touch screen monitors have 15 to 16 inches, which is great for most people. A few models can be adjusted to different uses, such as 7-inch, 22-inch, or 24 inches.

    You want the best image quality possible for detail when you buy a new monitor. Therefore, it is a good idea to verify the resolution of the touch screen monitor. A higher resolution will result in better image quality.

    A higher resolution will make everything on your monitor look sharper, including images, videos, movies, and simple text. Although most options have a 1920×1080 FHD resolution, a few offer a 3840×2160 4K UHD resolution. This provides excellent image quality and sharpness.

    2. Form Factor:

    To ensure that your touch screen monitor is suitable for your needs, you should also examine its form factor. There are two main types of touch screen monitors available: portable and desk-use. A desk use monitor can be used with your desktop, while a portable monitor is more versatile. These monitors can be used with your tablet or smartphone, as well as your laptop.

    3. Connectivity:

    First, connect your touch screen monitor to your devices before using it and its touch input functionality. Some connectivity ports are necessary for video signal, but others may offer additional benefits such as power, USB hub, and audio.

    It is important to be aware of the connectivity options available. Most cases will have connectivity options such as USB type C, HDMI, and Mini DisplayPort. For maximum versatility and practicality, it is recommended that touch screen monitors offer multiple ports.

    4. Warranty:

    You want your monitor to last as long as you can. Touch screen monitors, which are portable and need to last, must be durable enough to be taken with you everywhere. Check the warranty on your touch screen monitor. Some models come with a lifetime warranty

    5. Capacitive touch vs. resistive touch:

    These are the primary types of touch input. For resistive touch to work, you must physically press the screen (which is slightly spongy) to register your input. This is a less expensive form of touch input. A resistive touch screen can also be used in ATMs and retail checkouts. However, resistive technology does not support multitouch and will not provide the same fluid sensitivity as touch screens on tablets and phones.

    Modern touch screen monitors have capacitive touch screens that support 10-point multitouch. These monitors operate just like a tablet or phone’s touch screen. They require only a light swipe, tap, or pinch to register inputs. This list includes monitors with 10-point capacitive touch screens.

    6. Image quality:

    All LCD monitors may not be the same. Three LCD monitors are available: IPS (In-plane Switching), VA, and TN (Twisted Nematic). Each LCD type has distinct image quality characteristics that are easily visible to the average user. You can use the LCD to edit videos and images. Monitors based on avoiding them.

    They are the most expensive to produce and have poor image quality due to their limited viewing angles. This causes a wide range of color and contrast, which effectively hides shadows and highlights in your images. IPS-based monitors these are the best for image quality. These monitors produce consistent color and contrast, so image editing is easier. The majority of these touch screen monitors are IPS-based.VA-based monitors.

    Although they don’t have the same image quality as an IPS monitor but are more accurate than a TN display, they can still be used in various color settings.

    With all of that said, if your desktop monitor isn’t responding in the same manner as your tablet or laptop screen, a touch-screen monitor might be right for you.


    As the name suggests, a touch screen monitor allows for touch input, which results in a more immersive experience. In addition, these monitors are very portable and can be taken with you on the move.

    Consequently, we have already covered some of the top touch screen monitors. Furthermore, we have detailed the features and specifications of each touch screen monitor, as well as a buying guide. These are our top picks for touch screen monitors based on these factors:

    The cheapest option is the Eviciv Touch Screen Monitor This touch screen monitor is ideal for use with a raspberry pie. It has a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. In addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty, making it more reliable than other budget-friendly options.

    The touch screen monitors are different from most others. Uperfect Touch Screen Monitor The 4K UHD resolution is 3840×2160, and the screen size is 15.6 inches. This results in excellent image quality. In addition, it is lightweight and portable. You also get dual USB type C ports and a mini HDMI port that allows you to connect all your devices.

    If you are looking for a touch screen monitor to go along with your desktop, this is the right place. This monitor is immensely available thanks to its 24-inch screen size. It also comes with a 1920×1080 FHD resolution. In addition, it is a full-size monitor and comes with features such as a USB hub, built speakers, IP54 water resistance, and many other valuable features.

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