Affordable Luxury: Tesla Car Prices in Pakistan – Get Your Dream Electric Car Today

    Tesla, renowned worldwide for its innovative electric cars, is significantly impacting Pakistan’s automotive industry. With a strong focus on sustainability and advanced technology, Tesla cars are poised to revolutionize transportation in the country.

    Tesla cars offer a perfect blend of luxury and sustainability. Their luxurious interiors, sleek exteriors, and top-notch performance complement their commitment to producing zero emissions. By integrating advanced technologies like regenerative braking and the Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system, Tesla provides an unparalleled driving experience.

    Latest Tesla Models and their prices in Pakistan:

    Tesla offers a diverse range of electric cars in Pakistan:

    ModelYearPrice (Rs)
    Tesla Roadster 720 MJ Convertible2023Coming soon
    Tesla Roadster 720 MJ Coupe2023Coming soon
    Tesla Cybertruck202410,852,800
    Tesla Roadster202454,400,000
    Tesla Cybertruck202310,852,800
    Tesla Roadster 720 MJ Convertible202254,808,000
    Tesla Semi Long Range202250,374,400
    Tesla Roadster 720 MJ202268,000,000
    Tesla Semi Long Range202248,960,000
    Tesla Semi Standard202236,720,000
    Tesla Semi202240,800,000

    Tesla Model S:

    Tesla Model S

    Tesla’s flagship sedan, known for exceptional performance, advanced technology, and luxurious features. It boasts an impressive range of up to 663 kilometres on a single charge and accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 1.98 seconds. It offers impressive range, instant acceleration, and a spacious, well-appointed interior. With advanced safety features and over-the-air software updates, the Model S continues to set the standard for electric cars.

    ModelYearPrice (Rs)
    Tesla Model S202325,837,280
    Tesla Model S202228,557,280
    Tesla Model S Plaid202331,277,280
    Tesla Model S Long Range202326,381,280
    Tesla Model S Performance202328,557,280
    Tesla S Performance202328,557,280
    Tesla Model S Plaid202235,357,280
    Tesla Model S Long Range202225,837,280
    Tesla Model S Plaid Plus202138,077,280
    Tesla Model S Plaid202132,637,280
    Tesla Model S Performance202125,021,280
    Tesla Model S Long Range Plus202118,882,240
    Tesla Model S Performance202027,197,280
    Tesla Model S Long Range202021,757,280

    Tesla Model X:

    Model X

    Designed for families and adventure-seekers, the Model X is a premium SUV with a range of up to 580 kilometres on a single charge. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 2.6 seconds.

    ModelYearPrice (Rs)
    Tesla Model X LR Plus202326,792,000
    Tesla Model X Plaid2024Coming soon
    Tesla Model X Long Range2024Coming soon
    Tesla Model X LR Plus202326,792,000
    Tesla Model X Standard Range plus AWD202327,197,280
    Tesla Model X Long Range AWD202329,101,280
    Tesla Model X Long Range AWD202228,557,280
    Tesla Model X Plaid202332,637,280
    Tesla Model X Long Range202329,373,280
    Tesla Model X Long Range202228,557,280
    Tesla Model X Plaid202232,637,280
    Tesla Model X Long Range Plus202127,197,280
    Tesla Model X Long Range202127,197,280

    Tesla Model 3:

    Tesla Model 3

    The Tesla Model 3 is a popular electric sedan known for its affordability and impressive performance. It offers a sleek and modern design with a spacious interior that can comfortably accommodate five passengers. The Model 3 is available in various configurations to suit different driving preferences.

    The Model 3 offers a range of up to 575 kilometres on a single charge and accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 5.6 seconds.

    ModelYearPrice (Rs)
    Tesla Model 3 LR AWD202312,849,280
    Tesla Model 3 LR RWD202315,892,960
    Tesla Model 3202311,965,280
    Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD202316,045,280
    Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD202215,229,280
    Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD202316,589,280
    Tesla Model 3 Performance202216,045,280
    Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus202312,237,280
    Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus202211,965,280
    Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus202211,421,280

    Tesla Model Y:

    The Tesla Model Y is an electric compact SUV that offers a blend of versatility, performance, and efficiency. It features a sleek design with ample interior space, making it suitable for both urban driving and family adventures. The Model Y is equipped with advanced technology and safety features, including Autopilot for semi-autonomous driving capabilities.

    The latest addition to the Tesla lineup, the Model Y is a compact SUV with a range of up to 525 kilometres on a single charge. It can reach 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 5.3 seconds.

    ModelYearPrice (Rs)
    Tesla Model Y SR Plus RWD 60kWh202316,320,000
    Tesla Model Y Standard Range202311,965,280
    Tesla Model Y Long Range202314,413,280
    Tesla Model Y Performance202217,405,280

    The Future of Transportation in Pakistan

    Tesla cars represent the future of transportation in Pakistan for several reasons:

    1. Sustainability: With zero emissions, Tesla cars align with Pakistan’s focus on clean energy, offering a greener transportation alternative.
    2. Advanced Technology: Equipped with features like Autopilot, Tesla cars provide safer and more efficient driving experiences.
    3. Cost Savings: Although the initial cost may be higher, Tesla cars offer long-term savings with zero fuel costs and minimal maintenance expenses.
    4. Performance: Tesla cars deliver exceptional performance, with quick acceleration, smooth handling, and long-range capabilities.

    As Pakistan embraces a greener and more sustainable future, Tesla cars will play a pivotal role in reshaping the automotive landscape. With luxury, sustainability, and advanced technology, Tesla is driving us towards a cleaner and more efficient future of transportation. Hop on board the Tesla journey and be part of the revolution in Pakistan.

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