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How the Apple Watch is Revolutionizing Health Monitoring with Temperature Sensors

The Apple Watch remains one of the best smartwatches and is the most practical option for iPhone owners. Each year, Apple introduces minor improvements that they hope will attract new customers. However, these improvements are insufficient to justify upgrading to a unique model for most current Apple Watch owners.

Deidre Caldbeck, Apple Watch Product Manager, said, “I think it’s just one of those products that really help people improve their life.” Not only is it the world’s best-selling smartwatch, but it’s also the best-selling watch in general.

New Apple Watches in 2023

For 2023, Apple has introduced three new Apple Watches: the SE, Series 8, and Ultra, with prices ranging from $250 to $800. Each model has unique features, making it easier for consumers to choose one based on their needs.

SE Model: Entry-Level Smartwatch

The SE model is an entry-level smartwatch that is smaller and lacks the always-on display feature. The price for this model has decreased from the previous year, starting at $250.
Series 8: Best Upgrade Option

Despite being happy with the Apple Watch Series 5, upgrading to the Series 8 is worth considering. The Series 8 provides useful health features such as the ECG app, fall detection, and improved heart sensors, making it an excellent upgrade option.

According to Jason Cipriani, a technology journalist at CNET, upgrading to the Series 8 was an easy decision, “It’s the best smartwatch available for iPhone owners. The larger screen and always-on display make it easier to use throughout the day, and the new features are icing on the cake.”

Temperature Sensor Feature

Apple has also introduced a temperature sensor feature for its upcoming Apple Watch, which will help monitor general health and detect early signs of infection. Many consumers have highly anticipated this feature, and according to Digital Trends, it will help Apple Watch remain a leader in the smartwatch industry.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 also introduced a temperature sensor feature, but it has yet to do anything with the quality. Digital Trends reports that Samsung is promising to work with developers to build third-party solutions around the feature.


The Apple Watch remains the best smartwatch for iPhone owners, and the new models offer a variety of features that cater to different needs. Apple remains at the forefront of the smartwatch industry as technology evolves, providing innovative features that improve our lives. Deidre Caldbeck says, “It’s a product that continues to evolve and get better with time, and I think that’s something that people can appreciate.”


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