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About MyElectricSparks

We are the Digital Publication focused on Tech Evolution, Tech Trends ,Product Reviews and Gadgets. The MyElectricSparks Magazine features opinions and views from top Tech industries and executives who share their journey, experiences, success stories,Trends and upcoming Evolution in the Tech industry. MyElectricSpark's market focus remains on disruptive technologies. The market analysis of these technologies helps key decision-makers across organizations and enterprises predict emerging trends, build comprehensive strategy, improve existing products and solutions, plan market expansion and reach to the right customers. The MyElectricSparks platform uses extensive market research, historical data and algorithms to pinpoint emerging trends and future growth opportunities and help organizations determine where to compete. It helps decision-makers innovate technology processes, predict sales with the ability to sense, react and adapt to changing market conditions.

" The people that work here with us are as dedicated as we are. They are part of MyElectricSparks family! "

Aizaz Khan


He is responsible for all the operations inside the MyElectricSparks, from cultivating processes all year round, to reaping in the fall

Fatima Khan


She oversees and responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the website, such as Editing, Targeting, and handling Operations

Our Vision

“To be the trusted and premier source of information and analysis on Tech Trends, Tech Evolution to maximize the strategic value of organizations worldwide”.

Our Audience

MyElectricSparks reaches an affluent audience with high technical knowledge, technologists and influential leaders who create and shape the Tech industry. Brands adore MyElectricSparks as a platform to demonstrate their thought leadership and innovation to a niche community of highly ambitious industry leaders, tech entrepreneurs and investors. The platform also unites the world’s premier influencers. It offers customized solutions to drive that level of leadership and recognition to enterprises.