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Zoom has its metaverse to private meetings

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Zoom has released a series of updates to help increase the engagement of meeting attendees as hybrid work expands.
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New features to the video conference service include a Collaborate Mode and Breakout rooms. The Collaborate Mode allows hosts and attendees to create a unique experience. They can also interact with an app. Breakout rooms are separate discussion areas that can be used for more focused conversations.

These features will be available to all browsers that support Zoom. Users can download them now.

Collaboration – Enhanced

Miro’s whiteboard app has a new collaboration workspace that allows participants to share ideas and take notes in real-time. You can either create templates for structured discussion or let people play with different visual tools.

Zoom has added the #AskAway app from developer Play on its platform to break up awkward introductions. The game is a series where one person asks another question about their life, favourite foods and other topics to get to know each other better.

The Coda app has the last notable Collaboration Mode. Coda is an app that allows you to create documents and receive input while holding a meeting. You can now bring in other people to help you write the paper.

Breakout rooms seem to be more creative. This is not just a feature for fancy private rooms, but some include games in meetings.

Funtivity is a series that allows people to play in-meeting games, either in teams or head-to-head. Zoom describes it as a way of training people or breaking the ice. Funivity, for example, has Star Wars trivia and Escape Rooms. There are more games in the works.

Zoom updates
The Welo App inside Zoom (Image credit: Zoom)

The Welo application is available on Zoom if you are interested in a metaverse-like environment. Well is a digital house in which people can be represented by avatars and can move into separate rooms for private meetings.

Your avatar can automatically connect to the other group by moving from one private meeting to another. It should feel like you are at a party, where you can leave and join groups seamlessly (ideally). Well is currently in beta. Although specific features might not work as expected, the developer acknowledges that they are working on it.

You can use twine to make Welo look more stable. It uses a specific algorithm to match people according to criteria. But Welo seems a lot more fun.

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