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Zong Teams Up with PSDF & Huawei to Close the Digital Divide in Pakistan


In a collective effort to narrow the digital divide in Pakistan, Pakistan’s cellular and digital services frontrunner, Zong 4G has joined forces with PSDF (Punjab Skills Development Fund) and the global technology leader, Huawei.

As part of the partnership, PSDF has received 300 smart Huawei tablets from Zong and Huawei Pakistan, with both partners working collaboratively to digitally empower the Pakistani youth by providing critical digital resources and tools to support their skill development.

PSDF received the MetaPad tablets and will utilize them to implement its online learning and hybrid training programs targeted at nurturing learners’ skillsets so they can seize employment and income-generating opportunities.

As part of its digital training program ‘e-tayyar’, PSDF is funding skills training that is in demand by employers to equip learners with skills to advance their careers in the digital era. This will be achieved by training them in emerging careers such as professional freelancing and how to launch their entrepreneurial ventures.

Shedding light on the value of the new partnership with Zong and Huawei, Ali Akbar Bosan, COO PSDF, said, “This collaboration between PSDF ,Zong and Huawei creates a holistic opportunity for PSDF trainees who will gain access to technical knowledge through PSDF course content and the digital tools they need to access their course like internet data and smart devices, from the nation’s top IT provider.”

Also commenting on the development, Zong’s official spokesperson said, “It’s a delight to be extending our partnership for digital empowerment and bringing more opportunities for Pakistanis to get trained on digital skills. The partnership resonates with our motto of ‘Let’s Get Digital’ as it will bridge the digital divide in Pakistan. I’m confident that we’ll achieve greater milestones out of this collaboration.”

To support its efforts of closing the digital divide that exists in the country, PSDF has already forged successful partnerships with Zong and Huawei in the past.

In collaboration with Zong, it launched the e-learning course ‘How to E-lance’ to train 10,000 youth on ways to launch their online careers on Fiverr and Upwork, the leading online platforms for freelancers, as well as providing free internet data to support their learning journey.

PSDF and Zong’s strategy is to utilize the tablets to optimize their usage ensuring that many people can benefit from them. The tablets will be distributed amongst high-achieving trainees to ensure they can continue to earn a living through freelancing.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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