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The YouTube website picture-in-picture (PiP) is reported to be isn’t working properly on iOS

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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The original story (published on February 20 2021) will be as follows:

Many aren’t fans of YouTube’s default YouTube application and prefer using the web version of its app in the browser. You’ll get many different responses if you inquire about why people do this.

Some claim that it can help cut down on screen time. However, others think that the YouTube app takes up excessive storage. Some might also believe that YouTube’s default YouTube application is unstable.

Perhaps the most important reason for this could be that YouTube’s mobile site is free of intrusive and constantly increasing advertisements.

The YouTube mobile site

This is even though its desktop website, rather strangely, continues to throw advertisements at you, exactly like the mobile application.

However, the picture-in-picture mode is another reason to use this feature on the YouTube website for iOS. This handy feature has been sadly reserved for YouTube Premium members.

Thus, users who do not want to pay for a month-long subscription to access this feature can move to YouTube. YouTube website according to their requirements.

However, the adored YouTube picture-in-picture feature has been disabled on iOS for quite some time. It was changed when the most recent iOS 14.5 beta upgrades launched, after which numerous users were delighted to see the feature reinstated.

This happiness was just a moment. However, only a few days later, the mode of picture-in-picture was found to be damaged again.


It’s not clear at present which party is to blame. YouTube regularly updates its mobile website to block PiP from functioning on iOS. In the end, it’s a YouTube Premium Feature.

However, there are an array of solutions to make sure that the feature is functioning again.

First, this quick shortcut, known as the ‘YouTube piP Shortcut’, accomplishes precisely what it’s named for. To download it and get more details, it’s best to visit the following Reddit post.


Although we couldn’t determine if it can do the job, it is definitely worth trying.
If this didn’t work, You could also attempt the workaround below provided by an individual.

1. launch another app in the background
2. play video full screen or in PiP
3. swipe up or double-tap to move to the other app
4. browser will not force close the PiP window (tested on 14.5)

Perhaps, they helped solve the issue. Please let us know in the comment section below should this is the scenario. You can also look at our iOS 14 bugs/issues tracker and our YouTube bug tracker.

Update (March 10)

Before an official iOS 14.5 version, users using beta three can use PiP on YouTube for the web by turning on incognito mode in the browser. However, we’re hoping this will not be necessary for the stable version.

iOS 14.5, Public Beta 3: found a temporary workaround to Google’s new restriction on not letting iPhone users to use PiP in Safari; go into incognito on the Google browser app, go to YouTube website, & bam, you can do PiP that way ???????

Take a look at a video clip of Features in action, which is posted on Reddit.

iOS 14.5, Public Beta 3: found a temporary workaround to Google’s new restriction on not letting iPhone users to use PiP in Safari; go into incognito on the Google browser app, go to YouTube website, & bam, you can do PiP that way 😌😂🤣👍🏻🙌🏻 from iOSBeta

Update (November 29)

It’s been discovered that certain YouTube TV users are now getting PiP functionality on iOS and iPadOS devices. This is intriguing because, according to the official support site, Google states that the feature doesn’t work for iOS or iPad.

This position could be shifting as we’ve had several reports that suggest it’s being backed. We will be watching this, so keep your eyes on the ball.

Update (December 01)

Vinegar is a brand-new Safari extension for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It was announced earlier in the month to replace the YouTube player with a less restrictive HTML player.

Update (February 02)

YouTube has delayed the release of picture-in-picture mode by two weeks to premium users. It will now be accessible until February 14 as an experimental feature on devices that run iOS 14 and later.

Update (April 12)

10:00 am (IST): YouTube has reported that it has removed the Picture-in-Picture experiment feature available to iOS users. It was only available to YouTube customers who subscribed to premium.

Furthermore, the company also made public via an official Twitter post (now removed) that it’s rolling out Picture-in-Picture mode to all users of iOS 15.2 or higher in the US.

Update (June 16)

Noon (IST): TeamYouTube on Twitter has advised subscribers that the PiP has been launched for a short time to users of iOS to Premium users. They are also working to bring it to all.

Update (July 8)

10.02 pm (IST) 10:02 pm (IST): In response to a variety of complaints regarding the absence of the YouTube PiP Feature for iOS devices (1 2, 3 4) In response to multiple complaints, the YouTube team has stated that they are currently working on the process of implementing.


There aren’t specifics of an ETA for this feature as of yet. Thus, iOS users can only be patient and wait for updates on this issue.

Update (July 12)

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