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YouTube Shorts allows licensed music to be used for up to 60 seconds

YouTube says the majority of music on Shorts will be available in durations of up to 60 seconds

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fatima khan
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YouTube has been steadily building its rival to TikTok in the last couple of years and is quickly becoming a force for good. YouTube Shorts recently announced revenue sharing and now allows licensed music to be used for up to 60 seconds.

YouTube Shorts announced support in September for creators who want to use licensed music tracks. Although the expansion would allow creators to use popular music tracks without fear of copyright, there was a catch. Track use will be limited to 15 seconds for most cases at launch.

As confirmed to Engadget, YouTube Shorts will allow licensed music to be used for up to 60 seconds, as confirmed by. Some songs will only be available for a maximum of 15 seconds; others will only be available for 15 seconds. Others may be limited to 30 seconds. However, it is a significant upgrade to the feature. Creators can view how long a track is allowed to be used by picking it.

Longer music tracks will be added to YouTube Shorts for Android and iOS “over the next few days.”

Image Credits: YouTube

YouTube Shorts has made creator-focused moves like this in recent months to help grow its short-form video product. YouTube’s most extensive offer to creators in this area is a revenue sharing of up to 45%. This is something neither TikTok nor Instagram Reels offer. YouTube Shorts were also announced for TV.

According to The Financial Times, YouTube is also trying to bring shopping features and affiliate sales models to Shorts. In addition, shorts will also integrate shopping links in other countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Canada. Michael Martin, YouTube Shopping’s General Manager, stated that it is an endorsement model, not a traditional advertising or pay-placement model. He also said that the goal was to maximize monetization opportunities for creators.


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