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YouTube Music rolls out a massive overhaul of its Library tab

YouTube Music has redesigned its Playlist and Album cover interface with a more modern look.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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In the past year, we discovered we learned that YouTube Music was the fastest-growing music streaming service in the West. It seems that Google has made it a point to keep up with the trend. As a result, in the year, Google has set out to show the app much-needed affection. The most recent update on this aspect of the YouTube Music experience is a significant UI redesign.

As noted through 9to5Google, YouTube Music is majorly overhauling its Library section. The current version lists the most recently played music, albums, and artists at the top. It’s a list of the categories you’d expect to see — playlists and downloads and albums, songs and artists which you’ve added to your library.

image credit 9to5google

In the latest update, the Library tab will show only the most recently played content, which previously resided in the carousel at the top. The playback will begin if you tap on a song from this list, and radio playback is immediately activated. In addition, the new design allows you to create new playlists using an elongated button in the lower right corner.

image credit 9to5google

Your Library header is now sporting the chevron on top that indicates you can click it to launch an options menu (a visual hint should be more sensitive when you receive an update). After you tap it, you’ll be able to move to several other sections, like Uploads, Downloads, or Devices files. Any choice you make will remain, and whenever you click library in the lower bar, you’ll return to the section you previously chose — which is excellent for those who only access your downloads via the library in the first place.

There are chips beneath the bar on the right for albums, playlists, Songs, Artists, and Playlists. These are the replacement for the dedicated top-level sections of the previous library. They allow you to filter the catalog by what you’re looking for, regardless of whether it’s specific albums, songs, or even singers.

The new design is undoubtedly one of the largest we’ve seen in a while. However, the update is already rolling out to the masses in the app, so if you are still waiting to notice it, you should see it in the next couple of days or weeks.


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