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Your next off-road e-bike should be a Harley Davidson

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Harley Davidson’s most recent design isn’t anything like the Chopper that it’s known for but is an all-terrain, single-speed electronic bicycle. The BASH/MTN is part of the serial 1 line of e-bikes (opens in an entirely new tab). It is said to have been influenced by the engineer’s customized MTBs, which are a useful fix.

The bike is equipped to complete with lithium-ion batteries 529Wh built into the frame, and all wires are threaded through the stand to ensure that it is clean. No thumb or twist throttle can use for operating the bike.

Instead, the low-end Brose S Mag motor packs an electronic torque sensor that claims it will “automatically register the pressure the rider applies to the pedals and instantly provide  commensurate amount of electric assistance” to assist the rider in advance forward.

The procedure is accomplished by selecting the following modes: Eco mode, which provides moderate assistance for flat terrain, Tour mode for mixed ridings, such as trails with variable terrain, Sport mode for corner and climbing hills, and boost method to tackle the most challenging climbs. The mode switch is operated using handlebar controls located between your thumb and forefinger for easy access.

Your next off road e bike should be a Harley Davidson

(Image credit: Serial 1)

The single-speed frame and the locked structure are anticipated to offer enormous amounts of feedback. To cushion the bumps and bruises of the trail, Harley Davidson has incorporated a suspension seat with the capacity of 50mm (about 2 inches) that allows you to ride through the most difficult terrain with no worry. Also, you’ll get an account of your journey when you connect your bike using serial 1. Serial 1 app provides specific data on the speed, duration of ride and distance, the battery’s power output, performance, and more.

It costs $3999 in the US. It’s a limited edition bike, with 525 specially designed for the US and 525 made specifically for Europe. There’s no information on the UK or European prices; however, Australian riders and other nations aren’t part of the mix.

Analysis: The new American Chopper

Serial 1’s most recent model is awe-inspiring. It’s actually. It’s more expensive than the more challenging terrains you’ll have to conquer (and it’s on the lower end of Serial 1’s offerings.) But it’s a single-speed high-performance vehicle and will be able to be found among 1,050 offroaders with cash for spending.

We’re particularly thrilled about our excitement over the Serial 1 529W lithium battery that is well-integrated into the frame, providing aid for the most challenging climbs with no throttle required. It’s not the most powerful battery we’ve seen on an offroader, but the simple-to-use features are exciting, particularly when riding a more advanced bike.

A limited-edition status for the BASH/MTN and its cost-intensive pricing means that only a select few can access Harley Davidson’s latest foray into electric bicycles.

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