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You'll likely be watching an OLED clear TV in 2023.
(Image credit: LG)

LG Display has proposed the launch of an OLED-free TV, which will be made available to the public through the parent company, LG Electronics, according to an article in TheElec.

The company that makes flat panels has recently proposed plans for a new television with a 55-inch OLED clear screen targeted toward the home entertainment market. If the plans are approved, there is a possibility that the development process could start after the end of this year and the possibility of launch in 2023.

Transparent¬†OLED screen¬†technology has been used for a while. It has been making rounds as a prototype at trade fairs and also giving life in the window of subway trains in Beijing as well as Shenzhen, and finally making it to homes with the Xiaomi Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition debut as the world’s first production-ready transparent TV in January of this year.

You'll likely be watching an OLED clear TV in 2023.
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

LG has long been making transparent OLED signs and is trying to improve the technology to deal with issues with brightness in bright environments. The company in the past year joined forces with the smart glass manufacturer Gauzy to develop the concept of a transparent OLED display. It was unveiled at the International Motor Show in Munich, Germany. The fine OLED screen is equipped with Gauzy’s Suspended-Particle device technology, which LG claims are appropriate for changing light conditions and brighter settings such as public transport.

When SPD is on, the display will show clear and crisp images while allowing the user to see things behind the collection. The technology works by dimming the transparent OLED display to the required opacity level dependent on the amount of light it detects. In theory, it can block up to 100 percent of light from hitting the screen. This ensures vibrant and vivid colors regardless of daytime or night.

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