Xiaomi has introduced an innovative product named"the Xiaomi Smart Display 10 in China
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Smart Xiaomi

It is a home-based gadget that is smart. It is just like its name implies. It’s a display that comes with many smart controlling options.


The Xiaomi Smart Display 10 features a steel frame, the weaving mesh accessible. The minimal and dark design provides a sophisticated and timeless appearance. Its edges appear sleek. Based on the specifications, it’s a great fit into a wide range of styles and can be used in any room. It is also equipped with a frame that can be adjusted so that the display can be placed at 90 or 120 degrees. Or 90 degrees. The display will have a flat. The camera has an adjustable slider that can be adjusted to cover your display completely. Its 10-inch display on the front has a high-definition resolution.


The display can also be used as a central control device for the entire range of Xiaomi devices. It’s possible to manage other devices, such as televisions or lamps to manage them remotely. The display is also able to be used as an entertainment centre. You can stream movies and videos on the screen. This isn’t a new concept since this feature was used in the competition echo show.

Smart Xiaomi

The camera is located on the front, and front camera videos can be made since the device comes with an audio microphone. But Amazon’s competitor can keep its place. This camera features a 5-millimetre camera, which has an angle of 120 degrees. It’s fitted with a special security chip that permits facial recognition. In addition, the camera has two stereo speakers with built-in speakers and comes with educational games for kids.

Smart Xiaomi

Price and accessibility

The Xiaomi Smart Display 10 was officially launched in China today, April 21st 2022. The cost for a pre-order is 949 Yuan, equal to 135 euros and will include customs and import duty. This Smart Display 10 will be accessible in China from April 29th, 2022. It’s unclear what date Xiaomi will release its Smart Display 10 on the international market. At the very least, it’s indirect concurrence against Google Nesthub, the echo show, and other smart home displays.


In the face of this kind of competition, it’s likely to be simple for Xiaomi to make its mark in the international arena, particularly since it’s not offering anything unique that rivals don’t or, in some cases, even superior. Google Nest Hub is a great example. Google Nest Hub can be controlled with hand signals, for instance, which is ideal for those who are deaf and mute. While it doesn’t have a camera, it can monitor sleep. The echo show, or the echo show, is the biggest and most expensive. Also similar to its predecessor, the Xiaomi Display 10, the display is equipped with a 5-millimetre camera, which could be used to take photos or video chat. However, the sound quality isn’t the top quality in this instance. When you purchase an intelligent screen, it’s important to consider the things you plan to use it for to identify the features that are crucial for you and which you can leave out. Your personal preferences are a major factor in this. There’s no question that we’ll be able to test the screen in person since it’s currently only available on the Chinese market and is only on its Chinese version. It’s not a great choice for us right now.