Xbox Live is currently experiencing issues for some gamers, and they are unable to access vital functions.
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Twitter users started reporting issues on the service as of the late afternoon of May 6 2022. Some have reported no issues whatsoever. RayvenVincent of Twitter reported his Xbox was fine; however, their husband could not play games such as Halo.

¬†Xbox verified these claims via its official support website and claimed “serious problems” for three services, including subscriptions and stores Cloud gaming and remote play and Games and Gaming. The page states that gamers are experiencing issues buying and playing downloaded games. This is among the most commonly used methods to purchase games today, which has certainly affected many people.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network go down rather often, which has become more and more annoying as time passes. Since gamers have moved towards digital media instead and have embraced the ease of digital, often online services such as Xbox Live, any disruption is expensive. This latest glitch knocks off the ability of people to play games that they have. This highlights a growing concern and long-held worry regarding how gaming will evolve shortly and the ease of accessing games owned by gamers.

The outage was discovered around 4 PM eastern time. The support team said they were investigating the issue at approximately 6 PM eastern time. The problem isn’t a major one; however, some gamers can continue to play normally, including many gamers playing games as a single-player and participating at Xbox Live parties.

However, others aren’t as fortunate and are looking at the console on their Xbox as the issues are solved. At the moment, it’s not clear what time it will take to get the issue fixed. At present, players will be able to join events, watch films, and play multiplayer games they’re capable of launching. We’ll keep you updated when the issue is solved.