Microsoft Xbox App Gets Performance Prediction & Improved UI

Assess PC Compatibility with Xbox Games Before Downloading with Microsoft's New Performance Prediction Feature

Microsoft has recently updated the Xbox app for PC with a new feature that allows users to predict the performance of a game on their PC. This update, set to roll out in June, includes a “Performance Prediction” badge under the install button for fun, indicating whether the game will run well on the user’s PC based on its specifications.

The main advantage of this feature is that it helps users to make an informed decision before downloading a game by evaluating their PC’s compatibility with the game. Developers often provide the minimum requirements for fun, but not everyone may know how powerful their PC is, and this information can be difficult to find. With games becoming increasingly large, this feature can save users time and prevent disappointment.

Microsoft Xbox App Update with Performance Prediction Feature
Microsoft’s new performance label inside the Xbox app. Image: Microsoft

The Performance Prediction badge has been visible for months for Xbox Insiders, though it did not always seem accurate. However, with this public rollout, Microsoft has resolved these issues, and users can expect the feature to be more precise. The company is rolling out the update gradually, so not all users will see it immediately.

Aside from the Performance Prediction feature, Microsoft has also made some changes to the app’s UI to enhance the navigation and increase the chances of discovering new games. The app’s main menu has been moved to the side menu, and the main area of the app window has new categories such as “Games to play together” and “Side scrollers” for finding specific types of games.

The company has also improved the search engine in the Xbox app, making it more accurate and adding support for EA Play and Ubisoft Connect titles. These titles are included with PC Game Pass but were not directly available from the Xbox app. They can be easily found through the app’s improved search feature.

The updates are available now, and users can check for app updates on the Microsoft Store if they are still waiting to see them. Recently, Microsoft added more advanced game install management features, allowing users to choose where files are stored and organize their library freely.

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