The low prices and the abundance of fantastic gadgets make Amazon's smart home ecosystem extremely appealing.
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amazon alexa

Amazon Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant, first introduced using the original Echo in 2014. We’re currently in the fourth generation of Alexa, along with Echo Dot, the Echo Dot, the Echo Studio, The Echo Flex and Echo Show 5, 8, 10 and 15, Echo Show 5, 8 10, 15 The Echo Sub, the Echo Link as well as the Echo Buds as well as The Smart Plug… and that’s only one of the Amazon gadgets, but not counting its Blink and Ring security cams.

Then numerous third-party devices can be controlled through Alexa… such as Hue lighting, Samsung smart TVs, Sonos speakers, and Motorola phones. If you’re looking to have the largest possible selection of connected devices that you can choose from, Amazon offers you a wide selection.

Having a Tight Budget

If you’re thinking about innovative home technology but on a budget or plan to buy various gadgets, Amazon beats its rivals: its smart speakers begin at PS30, which is before the massive discount Amazon provides regularly.

The problem is that the Amazon Alexa devices are advertised as loss-leaders in the hopes that you’ll be able to purchase more products from Amazon; however, occasionally, they go overboard somewhat. We were pretty surprised when our weather report for the day was then followed by Alexa asking us if we’d like to hear about the latest items from local sellers; however, we don’t require the intelligent speaker to tell us that we’ve agreed to a deal. Additionally, privacy issues beset the platform, particularly in 2019, when humans watched customers’ voice recordings to look for mistakes. There’s a trade-off: Amazon is not a hardware manufacturer like Apple and Samsung; It’s an online retailer and media business with lots of things to offer and wouldn’t push Alexa to the limit even if it believed it would make a considerable profit from it. You can expect to modify your device’s privacy and announcement settings periodically.


amazon Alexa

Echo Dot

The fourth-generation Echo Dot improves over the previous model in terms of aesthetics and sound quality. The puck shape has changed to the shape of a dome that comes in three colours. It is compatible with lossless audio, has a ‘turn off the microphone’ button that protects your privacy, and comes with the top Alexa voice recognition so far.

Suppose you’re looking to set timers, assist with your children’s homework, or manage your various smart devices. In that case, The Echo Dot does it all superbly and can support multiroom audio, but this isn’t a replacement for a professional audio system in your home. The previous Echo Dots were very noisy. However, the fourth generation is a significant improvement, especially if you want your music extremely loud. It’s gorgeous too.

For the price, it’s an excellent value, but be on the lookout for sales since the Echo price is often reduced to lure you into Amazon’s ecosystem. Echo Dot is one of the most convenient ways to join intelligent speakers and home automation, and Alexa is compatible with many connected devices.

STuff Says If you’re looking for the best value for your smart home’s dollar and the most up-to-date Echo Dot is hard to beat. 5/5


Echo Dot Kids

We’ve mentioned before that when it comes to Echo devices, and it’s generally wise to be patient and wait for sales. Undoubtedly the case with this model, the Echo Dot Kids. The Echo Dot Kids has the same insides as the regular Echo Dot and adds a smiley face, a year of no-cost Kids+ content and Amazon’s excellent parental controls, and the option of obliterating the microphone. Additionally, it is backed by a two-year, without-quibble assurance.

STuff Says This is great for children… however, don’t buy it at the total price. this one. 4/5

Why Alexa?


Multiroom audio was once hundreds of dollars and required many cables; however, it’s straightforward and convenient with Echo devices. All you have to do is to set up various rooms on your Alexa app and then assign your Echoes to those rooms. Then, ask: “Alexa, play Spiderland in the living room.”

Extra skills

Alexa can be enhanced by abilities that range from practical features, like listening to radio stations or getting recipes for your kitchen, and the bizarre collections of snarky sound effects. Additionally, you can listen to Audible audiobooks (another Amazon brand) and manage all sorts of third-party gadgets.

Speaker option

The Echo Dot does not please you with its comparatively poor audio quality, don’t fret. You can get the full-size Echo has a better sound, plus its Echo Studio is beefier still. It’s not just Amazon high-end options: Hi-Fi-friendly options like Sonos One, Audio Pro Addon Sonos One, Audio Pro Addon and UE Megablast are also Alexa-enabled.

Designs for children

Amazon’s ambition to fill every need means that it produces versions of its devices specifically for children. For instance, the Echo Dot Kids (see left) is a more secure device with better security and privacy and the ability to set parental controls to ensure that your kids aren’t hearing anything they shouldn’t hear or touch items that you don’t want them use.