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With a SIM card, Bug unlocks Pixel Phones

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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There are many ways to unlock smartphones, including pin codes and patterns. You can also use fingerprint scanners or face scanners. But, hackers are constantly finding ways to bypass these security measures and unlock people’s smartphones. For example, an attack on Pixel phones allows attackers to unlock these phones by simply using a SIM card.

Although it sounds strange, this can happen. David Schultz posted a YouTube video showing the entire process. This hacking method takes less than two minutes.

It is straightforward to unlock a pixel device using a SIM card.

This hack was only possible if you did some basic things correctly. The video shows the person constantly entering the wrong fingerprint onto the lock screen. The device locked down and disabled fingerprint unlocking as a result.

The person in the video then swapped their SIM card for their own. They then entered the SIM card PIN incorrectly multiple times.

The device asked for the SIM card’s pin code. They know the PUK code of the hacker’s SIM card because it belongs to them. So they entered the code and watched the device unlock.

The hacker now has complete control of the device. They could also enter the device and change the password and biometric settings.

However, this does not mean that hacking is impossible for many people, as only some have the PUK code for their SIM cards.

This issue has been fixed, so don’t panic.

Google took a while before it finally took action. According to 9To5Google, the company raised the issue several months ago, but Google only began working on it in September.

The issue has been fixed with the latest update. Don’t hesitate to download the latest Google software update if you are prompted.

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