Shortly, Microsoft wants you to switch to a Desktop-as-a-Service model. The first steps on this route could be on your current Windows PC. You’ve probably encountered it as part of Windows 11.

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Windows 11 It's a brand new time for the old-fashioned Windows desktop.

It’s my opinion that Windows 11 is a pointless upgrade. I reasoned that it was incompatible and did not add value to Windows 10. Sure, it’s more secure. However, here’s a spoiler this: the vast majority of these enhancements were already in Windows 10 20H2 (the October 2020 Update). Windows 10 20H2 release (the October 2020 Update). All you need to do is enable them.
Why is Windows 11’s goal? First, I believe that it’s intended to gradually introduce users to the idea that Windows will be Windows as a Service (WaaS).

Microsoft has been converting customers towards Microsoft’s Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) method for quite a while. At present, you can enrol in the user-friendly Windows 365 Cloud PC. If you seek more control and features, you can select Windows 365 Enterprise or Azure Virtual Desktop. But, they are more geared towards consumers rather than a business. Although Microsoft is a big fan of its business clients, it’s still highly enthusiastic about its home sales, too. (Of Naturally, the distinction between home and work is blurring more than ever before due to the increasing work from the home trend. )
In the context of this, when I go through the most recent Windows 11 changes, I observe clear evidence that Windows 11 is the Trojan horse that will make WaaS available to all users, no matter if you’re a fan or not.

To keep in mind, Microsoft added a Microsoft subscription manager with the 2022 February Windows 11 update. Take an examination of the Windows 11 Settings menu, then Accounts, and you’ll see an entirely new section entitled “Your Microsoft account. ” Within this area, you’ll find details about the status of your Microsoft 365 subscription status, the amount of storage space within the storage of the cloud storage in your OneDrive Cloud storage and other details.

It’s real, and it’s been said that the ability to sign up for cloud-based service is a hoped-for attribute that comes with Windows. So relax and accept that Windows could be an integral part of the cloud-hosted Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) global market shortly.

Windows 11 It's a brand new time for the old-fashioned Windows desktop.

Wait, didn’t Microsoft claim they only planned to introduce new Windows 11 once a year? Was it true? Microsoft has lied. Windows 11 will get Feature, Web, and Online Service Experience Packs in the future if and when Microsoft wants to upgrade the packs. So what’s that wailing you hear in the distance could be Windows 11 sysadmins worrying about what issues the hidden features may bring with them.

However, there is¬†one¬†subscription that’s not included in this new feature. Do you remember what I wrote earlier about the unjustly derived profits? That’s Xbox Game Pass. It’s as if Microsoft was considering business first when they announced this update. They enjoyed playing Xbox games afterwards.

The Windows Insider Preview build 22567 of the Dev Channel arrived in a few weeks. What exactly is included in it? What’s the main reason? Windows 11 now asks for details about your credit card right from inside Windows. Of obviously, Microsoft has been asking for your credit card details to complete transactions on your Microsoft Account website for years, and it is currently. What’s the issue?

It makes Windows somewhat easier to buy through. What I consider to be the most important is that when coupled with the subscription feature, it makes it much simpler for customers to pay, not just for Microsoft 365 but for Windows itself. There is no longer a need for Windows as a one-time buy. It will always be a subscription-based service, with one foot on your PC and the other on the internet.

While I favour the DaaS model, I prefer that my OS is in my control and is primarily using my PC. Therefore, I’m going to continue using my Linux desktop as the primary OS. For everyone else, I hope that you’re content to rely on Microsoft for all your computing requirements, as this is the most critical time in history Microsoft more than you will make the decisions.