ChromeWindows 11 is getting one of Windows 10’s most...

Windows 11 is getting one of Windows 10’s most pointless features


Microsoft has introduced an innovative feature to Windows 11’s taskbar. However, it’s probably not what you’re looking for. Many of us had hoped that drag and drop, and the ability to move and change the size would be incorporated into Windows 11’s taskbar. However, Microsoft is set to unveil a search bar that resembles a Windows 10-like search bar.

Ahead of the Windows Latest states (opens in an entirely open tab), a screenshot showcases a brand new searching box.

It’s situated on the left edge of the taskbar. The taskbar is smaller than the Windows 10 search box and more in line with the overall style of Windows 11. We anticipate it to function similarly.

A screenshot apparently showing the new Windows 11 search box
(Image credit: Windows Latest)

This means you can use it to search for the contents of an application or document on your computer or to search for an exact name for a site or phrase using the internet. In terms of Windows Latest, the search bar is currently being evaluated internally, and there’s currently no word about when we’ll be able to access it on the desktop of Windows 11.

Analysis: Who wants this?

The problem is that instead of addressing people’s complaints about the limitation of the taskbar in Windows 11, it seems Microsoft is playing around with unneeded features, which is frustrating due to countless causes.

The first thing to note is that Windows 11’s Windows 11 taskbar lacks several options that were present in previous versions, like the ability to drop and drag files onto the pinned program to open the files. It is also impossible to alter the taskbar’s size or move either to the left or right side of the monitor. These are things that people have been requesting since the release of Windows 11.

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People don’t seem to have searched for the capability to search. The search feature, accessible on Windows 10, wasn’t prevalent. Many users discovered that it frequently tried to display results from internet sources, even though what you wanted to see were documents saved on the computer.

Then it became clear that Google’s Google search bar can force you to use Microsoft’s Bing search engine and the Edge web browser regardless of your chosen settings, as many users’ default settings were not well-received.

A search box added to Windows 11 is redundant since the taskbar already has an icon that can be used for the search bar. When you hit that icon, you’ll be able to open Windows 11 search alongside the search box. Searching can be accomplished via Windows’ Start menu.

So, a different way to locate taskbar icons isn’t required. Also, it can clog the taskbar with unneeded icons.

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What’s the motive behind Microsoft including such a feature? First, note that it is a preliminary test and might not be available during the day. If the test is revealed, Microsoft may remove other options for searching the taskbar. This means that the taskbar isn’t stuffed with an array of tools for searching that isn’t required.

However, I am convinced that this feature will benefit Microsoft more than Windows 11 users. However, it will require users to use Bing and Edge to increase the number of users using each Microsoft application.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has released beneficial features to Microsoft instead of the users they serve, but it’s also not working.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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