Say away from Windows 10’s bloated volume and brightness indicators.

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windows 11
image credit (Microsoft)

The clunky volume slider that pops up on your screen when you adjust the volume doesn’t work well in Windows 11. The latest OS does away with everything that has sharp corners, and that gauge of the importance can be described as straightforward as it gets. This is why Microsoft has replaced it with something more artistic in the next Windows version.

It’s been a while since the Windows 11 launch has been an exciting experience. It came as a halfway-baked OS upgrade that we weren’t sure was worth the effort for download at the moment. It is slowly becoming a fully-fledged operating system as a whole, but with every new Windows update, we get two or three changes to feel more complete.

The most recent: the latest flyout (as Microsoft likes to name its indicators displayed on the screen) models for hardware indicators. These include volume and the brightness of your camera, privacy settings camera on/off, and airplane mode. All of these will be guided by your preference of dark or light mode.

This is quite cool, that’s why, since the current indicator of brightness and volume aren’t appropriate in the curvy and translucent Windows 11’s.

This latest update has only been released in Windows 11 Insider Previous Build 22533. However, it is expected to be released to Windows Insider and the official Windows 11 build before long. This update comes with the following variety of general improvements that Microsoft would like to make available earlier rather than later. Most importantly, it lets users uninstall the Clock app if they wish to do so.

What do you think? Is Windows 11 now worth downloading because of this volume indicator shakeup? It seems like the best motive to switch; however, maybe not. But I’ve hit on both my PC as well as my laptop, and I’m enjoying the experience to date, apart from a few minor visual issues like the taskbar that has no icons on my second monitor, or maybe a double tray for my system I’ve found it to be relatively easy.

And Windows 11 does look nice. Perhaps a trimmer with a volume indicator, too.