HTML0Easter eggs were hidden inside an image of an adorable face for over 37 years.
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Windows 1.0 Easter Egg Found With Valve Founder

Windows 1.0 was first released in 1985, but it took 2022 for users to experience Easter egg-style attributes.
As per XDA Developers reports, the discovery was discovered via the self-identified Windows lover Lucas Brooks, who shared the Easter egg via tweet. The list is scrollable and includes all who worked on Windows 1.0 within Microsoft However; it’s essential to remember that this Easter egg was found 37 decades ago.





One name you may be surprised to discover on this list is Gabe Newell, who founded Valve in 1996. Newell left Harvard University to work at Microsoft in 1983. There, the 13 years he spent in Microsoft. The producer was involved in the initial three versions of Windows, which is the main reason for his inclusion on this list.

If you have an operational version of Windows 1.0 running, revealing the Easter egg is challenging and requires patching specific software. It took so long to discover it’s because the information is kept hidden (inside an image formatted in bitmap format of smiley faces) and couldn’t be found by anyone capable of finding the operating system before 1980.

Perhaps this is the last Windows 1.0 Easter egg? Based on how kept, this particular egg is hard to determine. Maybe someone from the team members can tell us the number of eggs.