A nice feature for Ray-Ban Stories owners.
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Have you ever wanted to talk to the smart glasses that let you send a WhatsApp message without reaching your smartphone? According to the latest APK examination of the WhatsApp for Android application, it could be genuine. It’s specifically designed that is only available for Facebook Assistant, and it’ll be tied on glasses from Ray-Ban Storie’s wearables.

In the latest WhatsApp beta (via¬†XDA Developers), users have discovered a string of data that suggests the feature is currently being worked on to allow users to dictate messages via Facebook Assistant on the specific wearable line. The data only states Assistant; however, this is likely Facebook Assistant rather than Google’s similar service.

It is believed that this feature will enable Ray-Ban Storie’s owners to dictate messages to the microphone of their smart glasses. It will allow you to ask Facebook Assistant to contact friends on WhatsApp, which means you can walk down the streets without ever reaching for your mobile. In addition to the code strings, The teardown discovered graphics that incorporate smart glasses and WhatsApp’s WhatsApp logo.

This is a unique scenario since Ray-Ban Stories hasn’t revolutionized the market for wearables. Logically, Meta intends to keep certain WhatsApp features; however, they will be using Facebook Assistant to integrate rather than third-party applications. Like all things, APK teardowns aren’t guaranteed to be completely accurate. The feature was discovered in the latest beta; however, there’s no guarantee that it’ll ever be available on WhatsApp in a later release.