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WhatsApp May Let You Send Bug Reports In The Future

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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WhatsApp has a thriving beta program where people can test out new features. These new features are being added on a constant basis, and the next one could be a lot of help. WhatsApp might let people send bug reports to the company in the near future.

This could be an important Feature, as every app could use bug reports. They’re great for funneling bugs that users are experiencing to the developers.

Now, this Feature is being tested among the WhatsApp beta testers, so you won’t see it if you have a regular release of the app. You’ll have to wait for the Feature to be properly tested and launched to the public.

How the WhatApp bug reports will work

WABinfo discovered this Feature in the works and caught some screenshots. They show us the WhatApp in-app settings. At the bottom, right above Invite a friend, there’s a button named Report bug.

When you tap on it, you’ll see a simple page with a text field and three buttons. In the text field, you can do what the placeholder text says and tell the company what went wrong. There doesn’t seem to be a character limit, so you might be able to fully describe what happened in the app.

Right under that, you’ll see three buttons that let you upload screenshots of what happened. That’s extremely useful for obvious reasons. It looks like you can at up to three screenshots, but we don’t know if you’ll be able to add more once you put in three. The screenshot function is optional, and the app just asks that you don’t send any sensitive information.

WhatsApp Bug Report

So, this is a pretty straightforward bug report page. There’s already the option to go to the company’s Contact Us page and submit a report. While that’s true, there are some benefits to using a dedicated page.

For starters, it’s quicker and easier to report a bug from that dedicated page. If someone sees a bug, then having to jump through too many hoops might discourage them from reporting the bug- “It’s just not worth the trouble.”

Also, WhatsApp could dedicate a team to look at the bug reports. This could lead to faster responses and more timely fixes. We don’t know when/if this Feature will drop for the public, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for it.

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