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WhatsApp companion mode can enable chat history to sync on additional devices.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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With the addition of multi-device support, with a very limited amount of capability, WhatsApp looks to be developing the possibility of a companion mode which allows you to connect chat history between multiple devices.

Since a lot of other third-party messaging apps like Telegram already have similar features, it could be a very popular addition. However, as is the case with WhatsApp or Meta/Facebook fashion it might not be as broad as you think.

As per WABetaInfo, WhatsApp may soon have a companion mode which allows you to connect another phone to your WhatsApp account. This is an improvement over the multi-device feature which is currently in use and will probably be a great option for people who use a mobile device for work and a personal device at the same time.

In the WhatsApp beta version for Android Version version update WABetaInfo discovered a notification pop-up for this companion mode that appears to notify you of the fact that “chat history is syncing” and that it is based on the total transfer of chat history between partner devices to guarantee privacy across your account.

WhatsApp companion mode
image: WABetaInfo


This means that, if and the time comes that the feature comes out, accessing your WhatsApp account on either device will sync chats and then transfer or remove from the original device when switching devices. It’s confusing and, in some ways, like the number migration feature reported last year. We’re hoping this will have more meaning in real life.
This is in addition to the limit currently set for multi-device mode. It is limited to one smartphone and three other devices, including laptops, computers, tablets, and specific intelligent displays. The most recent WhatsApp beta versions don’t offer the option in any form. However, it could be a hugely popular feature that could help to improve the somewhat limited capabilities of WhatsApp accounts.


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