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WhatsApp calls are likely to get soon no disturbance indicators

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Recent reports show beta users are receiving do not disturb messages for lost WhatsApp calls. This feature was noticed by some beta users and is expected to be released to the general public. Users can identify their missed calls when they’re in no-disturb mode. It is in use.

Do Not Disturb is an option available to all Android devices but to all Android devices as well. It is a simple way to block all notifications at specific times the user chooses. When this feature has enabled, the notifications from apps aren’t able to reach the devices, giving the user the ability to concentrate on other tasks without interruption.

While it serves a great function, it could cause users to miss important notifications and phone calls. Currently, there’s no way to determine whether a call was lost because of the do-not-disturb setting. However, it is changing. With the upcoming update to WhatsApp, customers will now be able to identify missed calls because of the Do not disturb.

Here’s how the upcoming feature will notify users of missed WhatsApp calls even when they Do not Disturb


It is important to remember that this feature is only available to the person who received the call. The person calling will not be able to tell if the caller missed the ring because the do not disturb feature is in use. According to beta testers of this feature, the prompt will be displayed as other messages that have been missed made on WhatsApp.

On Android, the “calls” section of WhatsApp can be accessed by simply clicking two times to the left. You can also get it by pressing “calls” at the top of the interface. This part of the application will display the user’s call history, and all missed calls will be shown here.

Don’t disrupt missed calls made on WhatsApp will be accompanied by an identifying tag that is “silenced by do not disturb.” In addition, on the chat page for callers, there will be a message that states, “missed call ” while on do not disturb.” This can help the caller know why they didn’t receive the notification of the call. If they are required for the receiver to inform the caller of the reason they did not receive the call by providing an image from the page with call logs.

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