Nintendo Switch Sports is an ideal game for sports fans who want to watch the same action as an online game.
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It’s recommended to play a game with friends to make the most enjoyment of it. Luckily, Nintendo Switch Sports supports multiplayer, both locally and globally.

How do you make an online lobby for multiplayer

The multiplayer experience in Nintendo Switch Sports is pretty straightforward. To set up an online lobby, you need to follow these steps.

  • Launch Switch Sports from the console’s menu.
  • After entering the game, you’ll have the option to choose between three options: Play Globally or Play Locally or Join with Friends. Select based on your needs.
  • Choose One or Two Players, depending on your preference.
  • Then, you’ll be spawned in Spocco Square, where you must choose the sports event you’d like to participate in.

When you choose the Single Player/Two-Player option, you’ll be able to make an online lobby instantly. Your friends will then be allowed access to the entrance, or you can join their entry.

Remember that only two players are allowed to play simultaneously in a lobby if you are playing online. However, if you’re playing locally with your friends (same console), you can accommodate three additional players (up to four players).