install the Android 13 Beta on Google Pixel

Google Pixel

Android 13 is following a different schedule compared to last year’s major update

If you’re a Google pixel owner, here’s how to install the Android 13 beta.

Which Pixel devices can install the Android 13 beta?

Devices eligible for the Android 13 Beta include:

– Pixel 4 – Pixel 4 XL – Pixel 4a – Pixel 4a 5G – Pixel 5 – Pixel 5a – Pixel 6 – Pixel 6 Pro

What’s the latest Android 13 build?

As of June 27, 2022, the latest version of Android 13 is Beta 3.3. Google is unusually releasing several incremental updates on top of Android 13 Beta 3

which first released at the beginning of June. There’s not much new in these beta updates, with 3.2 being the largest so far.

This latest release comes following two betas and two developer previews of the forthcoming Android version.

How to get Android 13 with the Android Beta Program?